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Phillip Island Classic 2011 Gallery

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

It has been a busy few weeks for historic motorsport in Victoria. First up was the VHRR’s annual Phillip Island Classic, followed the next week by the Formula One opener in Melbourne, which gave both historics and Formula 5000s a fun opportunity to deliver a master class in the more exciting lines around Albert Park.

More than a few HSRCA members made their way to the events, and it’s wonderful to see historic motorsport being supported with such passion around the country.

The Phillip Island Classic weekend was great fun, featuring everything from Anne Thomson in her 14 litre 1906 Darracq to the thunderous Formula 5000s and the illustrious Porsche 935/78, “Moby Dick”. A big thank you to the VHRR and all of the organisers, volunteers and attendees for putting it on!

Hit this link for a gallery of photographs taken over the weekend, by Seth Reinhardt.

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