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Head Back to the 2016 Tasman Trophy with a Magnificent Gallery by Domenic Ciccio

2016 Tasman Trophy

Images: Domenic Ciccio

Domenic Ciccio of Motorvated has kindly reached out to us with a brilliant story capturing the action and atmosphere of the 2016 Tasman Trophy and a huge gallery of images to go along with it.

The story, penned by Aimee Armstrong, recounts the origins of our Tasman series of events, captures the action and atmosphere of the weekend and chats with long-time HSRCA contributor and competitor Daniel Bando, who competed over the weekend in his Lotus 51.

2016 Tasman Trophy

Hit this link to the Motorvated website to enjoy the story and to check out more images by Domenic. Make sure to get in touch with him if you’re looking for any images in particular or to organise a print or two.

And head right here:

2016 Tasman Trophy, by Domenic Ciccio

To enjoy the magic gallery which Domenic has kindly shared with us.

Images by, and thanks to, Domenic Ciccio

2016 Tasman Trophy: Wrap-Up and Photo Galleries

2016 Tasman Trophy

After a lovely weekend celebrating the golden era of the Tasman Series with the 2016 Tasman Trophy, it’s time to hang up our gloves for the year and prepare for the holiday season. Before we do that, however, let’s wrap the event up and enjoy some photos!

The 2016 Tasman Trophy was held over the 19th and 20th of November and saw an excellent entry of historic sports and racing cars take to Sydney Motorsport Park for a spot of historic motorsport. Thank you to everyone involved for getting stuck in and putting on an action-packed and friendly weekend of racing.

2016 Tasman Trophy

We arrived at Sydney Motorsport Park on Friday the 18th to hold a private practice day for competitors. The day gave everyone a chance to get settled in, catch up and ensure their cars were nicely sorted for the weekend. Sydney put on a scorcher on Friday, so hats off to everyone who braved the inferno!

The cars were, as always, spectacular to behold and beautifully prepared. It’s a joy to see them so well cared for and in tremendous racing shape, and that care greatly contributes to a smooth weekend of racing. The work and tinkering that we see at the track, considerable that it is, is but a fraction of the preparation that goes into getting the cars there in the first place. So, thank you!

2016 Tasman Trophy

Saturday morning set the stage with final practice and qualification up until lunch, after which racing kicked off and didn’t let up until late Sunday.

Our feature category for the Tasman Trophy this year was Formula Junior, featuring a round of the Tasman Tour 2016 and the Formula Junior Diamond Jubilee World Tour. The Juniors are such evocative little cars and, with full grids all weekend and some very exciting racing, were absolutely awesome to feature at the event.

We were joined at the Tasman Trophy by a large contingent of significant international cars, and many of those took part in the Formula Junior events. We would like to extend a special ‘Thank you!’ to all of our international competitors for travelling to Sydney and joining us for a weekend’s racing. It was an honour to host you, and we hope to see you back soon!

2016 Tasman Trophy

Group S was our other feature category and put on the always-spectacular relay enduro race on Sunday.

The 45-minute endurance race was a true test of driver and machine, and was a lot of fun – particularly in the pits around change-over. Well done to everyone for putting on a smooth race, for tackling the competition like it was a sprint and for holding a fun event!

2016 Tasman Trophy

The same should be said for drivers in all categories. Thank you for respecting each other and the cars of which you are custodians, for leaving racing room and providing a safe, fun and social environment in which to race. The racing was exciting and respectful all weekend and great to be a part of whether on the track or spectating.

The joys of historic racing are not limited to time in the seat of a race car. The pits and paddock are lots of fun to explore and provide a level of access that’s hard to match in motorsport. The pits and paddock had a very pleasant, social and relaxed atmosphere throughout the Tasman Trophy and that’s a credit to the good people who make up this community.

2016 Tasman Trophy

Speaking of the good people who make up this community, I will conclude with our most important thanks. A monumental amount of work goes in to preparing and running an event like the Tasman Trophy and none of it would be possible without the support of skilled, passionate and dedicated volunteers.

You allow us to hold these events, enjoy these experiences and take part in this community. THANK YOU from everyone involved for giving us these opportunities and keeping us safe, and for all that you devote to historic racing and its community.

With that, I’m sure you’ve had more than enough of words and are ready for photos! Grab a cup/pot/pint of your favourite beverage, sit back and spend a few minutes clicking through the links below to enjoy the many photos contributed by the talented photographers who cover our events.

2016 Tasman Trophy by Riccardo Benvenuti

2016 Tasman Trophy: Jeremy Braithwaite

2016 Tasman Trophy by Jeremy Dale

2016 Tasman Trophy by Bill Fonseca

2016 Tasman Trophy: Rod Mackenzie

2016 Tasman Trophy: Seth Reinhardt

2016 Tasman Trophy by Mark Richards

2016 Tasman Trophy by Geoff Russell

Tasman Trophy 2016 by Rob Scheeren

2016 Tasman Trophy by Peter Schell

2016 Tasman Trophy by Sam Snape

2016 Tasman Trophy Trophy Winners, by Peter Schell

Images thanks to Riccardo Benvenuti, Jeremy Braithwaite, Jeremy Dale, Bill Fonseca, Rod Mackenzie, Mark Richards, Geoff Russell, Seth Reinhardt, Rob Scheeren, Peter Schell and Sam Snape.

For more from Rod, please see his website here, Bill’s website can be found here, Geoff can be found on Instagram here and Sam can be found at Head to for more of Rob Scheeren’s work, click here for Riccardo’s website and see Jeremy’s website here for more from him, including shots of nearly all competitors. Mark’s website can be found here, and to get in touch with Jeremy, Peter or Seth, please send Seth an email at

Next up, Christmas cake and a nap! Then we’re heading to Wakefield Park over the 8th and 9th of April, 2017. We can’t wait to get stuck in to a fresh year of historic racing, and look forward to seeing you there!

2016 Tasman Trophy

A Day in the Pits at the Tasman Trophy Learning How to Go Racing

How to Go Historic Racing

Nik Masters is a passionate member of the motorsport community who wants to get into historic racing and is doing his homework on how best to do so. He’s been investigating the costs, preparation and experience of racing a historic car and spent Saturday at the Tasman Trophy with Club regular Dan Bando to develop some first hand insights into the sport.

He’s kindly shared his experience with us, and its a must-read for anyone interested in the sport. Read on!

Thanks to Nik Masters

I have been a passionate motorsport follower for most of my life. As well as following categories like Formula 1, a few years ago I also got involved in officiating at SMSP to try and get more involved in the sport.

I have always loved historic race and sports cars and it was always a great pleasure to flag marshall at events hosted by the HSRCA. With such a wide variety of cars on display from many eras of the sport the bug to potentially get more involved was always itching!

Having done the odd drive day on track but not previously participating in club racing there were a lot of questions I had when considering how to get more involved in the sport. Finding examples of the cost of a car and trailer was simply enough on the internet, but I wanted to learn about the ongoing costs such as how often tyres are replaced, what suspension adjustments are made at different events, who rebuilds the engines etc etc. There were a lot of questions I wanted to answer before I could get an idea of a budget to go racing as well as what was involved at a race weekend beyond driving the car.

I contacted the HSRCA and offered a suggestion to encourage new members to the Club by asking Club drivers or owners to invite a potential member to spend some time in their garage at an event. Following the suggestion Daniel Bando kindly offered for me to spend some time with him at the November Tasman event, which I gratefully accepted.

How to Go Historic Racing

Daniel arranged for a ticket to access the event and I met him and his dad John in their garage first thing on Saturday. Both were extremely welcoming and Daniel’s Lotus 51 was a beautiful example of a loved historic racer. There were a variety of cars sharing the garage and it was great to get so close to the cars and watch the work being done by drivers and mechanics during the day.

Daniel was brilliant in enthusiastically answering all my questions and also took me along to the drivers briefing to get an idea of the process. He was happy to share information about his car and how he got into motorsport by initially sharing the cost of a car with a friend – a great idea to reduce the costs when starting out. John and Daniel also asked me to join them on the dummy grid which again showed another aspect of a race weekend I hadn’t previously been involved in.

How to Go Historic Racing

One thing I really noticed was that there seemed to be a great camaraderie between competitors. As well as banter between drivers everyone also seemed happy to chat with spectators about their cars and the event. The feeling in the pits was very open and friendly – certainly a world away from the closed shop of a Formula 1 pit – unless you pay big money for a Paddock Pass!

For anyone interested in getting involved in historic motorsport or just those with a passion for racing cars, spending a day in the pits was a great way to learn about what goes on at a race weekend and get to see the cars up close. I am certainly more interested than ever in getting started in historic motorsport.

My sincere thanks to Daniel and John Bando for their hospitality during the day – it was a privilege to be able to share their infectious enthusiasm for racing.

To catch up on the action at the 2016 Tasman Trophy, check out our wrap-up and photo galleries right here.

Take Yourself to the 2016 Tasman Trophy

Get Ready for Tasman Trophy 2016

This weekend sees the HSRCA return to Sydney Motorsport Park to farewell the 2016 historic racing season with one of our biggest events of the year – the Tasman Trophy. Join us over the 19th & 20th of November for a packed weekend of historic racing shared with good friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The event will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park over the 19th & 20th of November, 2016. Spectator passes will be available at the gates on both days and parking will be available on site through Gate A.

Get Ready for Tasman Trophy 2016

Adult tickets are $25.00 for Saturday, $35 for Sunday and $50 for a two-day pass. Concession passes are $20.00 for Saturday, $25 for Sunday and $40 for a two-day pass. Entry for kids under 12 is free.

Spectator passes include access to the grandstands, viewing areas and the pits and paddock. Spectator access to the cars and stars in historic motorsport is unparalleled, so please do take advantage of the sport’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere to get up close and personal with the cars and meet their custodians and drivers.

Formula Juniors Tasman Trophy

Formula Junior will be the feature category at the Tasman Trophy and welcome a large contingent of international cars competing in the Tasman Tour 2016 including the Formula Junior Diamond Jubilee World Tour.

Featuring full grids of these evocative race cars, these races are sure to be exciting and capture the feeling of the Tasman period beautifully.

Get Ready for Tasman Trophy 2016

The Group S Relay Enduro race will be another highlight over the weekend, and has traditionally been great fun – especially around change-over. With the packed Group S entry to feature everything from the Porsche 356 Pre-A of Ron Goodman to fleets of MG Midgets and Porsche 911s and the American muscle of Terry Lawlor’s Shelby GT350, this weekend’s racing is sure to offer plenty of action.

Strong entries throughout the field should make for a great weekend of late-spring historic motorsport. To get an idea of who’s going to be racing what and when, grab the provisional entry list and programme of events here:

2016 Tasman Trophy Entrant List [PDF]

2016 Tasman Trophy Programme of Practice & Events [PDF]

Get Ready for Tasman Trophy 2016

Sydney Motorsport Park is located on Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek NSW 2766. Hit this link to the circuit’s official website for information on how to get there, and this one for information on parking at the track.

Come along to the Tasman Trophy this weekend, the 19th & 20th of November, 2016, to enjoy a celebration of historic racing, the Tasman period and the women and men who make it all tick. We’ll see you there!

Fabulous International Formula Junior Field to Feature at 2016 Tasman Trophy

Formula Junior Stanguellini

The Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of New South Wales will present the 2016 Tasman Trophy at Sydney Motorsport Park this 19th and 20th of November, joined by a magnificent collection of historic Formula Juniors.

This year’s event will build upon the Tasman format, celebrating that golden era of motorsport and the marvellous machines that powered it, pre-dated it and evolved from the lessons it taught.

In 2016 we’re very pleased to welcome a large contingent of significant international cars to the Tasman Trophy. Sydney Motorsport Park is one of Australia’s classic circuits, making its name hosting the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix and Australian Touring Car Championship in the early ‘90s. We’re looking forward to sharing both it and beautiful late-Spring Sydney with drivers from around the world.

We’ll be celebrating the Formula Junior Diamond Jubilee during the Tasman Trophy this year and are proud to host a round of The Tasman Tour 2016, including the Formula Junior Diamond Jubilee World Tour.

The response of Formula Junior drivers has been brilliant and at this stage our Formula Junior grid is close to max capacity at just shy of 40 drivers. Highlights are plentiful throughout the field.

From across the Tasman comes the ex-Chris Atkinson Lotus 20/22 FJ 1961 of Phil Foulkes. John Rapley, ex-power boat racer, joins him and will be racing a Brabham BT2 that he bought and rebuilt back in 1987. The car was driven by Frančević, John Weston and Graeme McRae in its day, and Rapley believes it to be the prototype for the BT6 that he also rebuilt and maintains.

Looking further afield J. R. Mitchell has entered, shipping them all the way from the ‘States’,  a gorgeous Lotus 18 along with a second ’59 18 to be driven by Nick Grewal.  Doug Elcomb comes from even further north, bringing a Dreossi Special 1961 from Canada.

Duncan Rabagliati has shipped the Alexis HF1, HF101, named for Bill Harris and Alex Francis from the United Kingdom. Rabagliati’s raced the car for two decades after it originally raced at Oulton Park in period, before spending some time in the US and returning to the UK.

From Australia, Mike Rowe will pilot the Roger Ealand-restored and raced Koala FJ 1963, a particularly lovely and special Australian car. Another Antipodean car sure to catch your eye is the beautiful ‘59 Stanguellini Formula Junior of Norm Falkiner. Norm has developed a great history with the car since bringing it into Australia, and will be bringing it up from Melbourne for the event.

These join a spectacular entry of historic sports and racing cars representing six decades of motorsport history.

With a packed weekend of exciting races planned and the HSRCA’s traditionally friendly and relaxed pits and paddock to explore, the 2016 Tasman Trophy is set to be another great entry in Australia’s motorsport calendar. Be there this November 19th and 20th.

For more information stay tuned to and

Video: Regularity with Matt Hart and his 1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Regularity with Matt Hart

Get to know the ins and outs of Regularity, with long-time HSRCA competitor Matt Hart and his 1966 Plymouth Barracuda.

This short film, by Paolo Febbo and Rob Scheeren, was shot during last year’s Tasman Trophy. It follows Matt Hart competing in his magnificent 1966 Plymouth Barracuda, getting to know Matt, his car and the Regularity category along the way.

Regularity is an excellent way to get into historic motorsport. In it, your goal is to set a benchmark time, and then lap as consistently close to that time as possible. Go faster, and you’re docked points. Go slower, and you’re docked even more. The competitor with the most points at the end of the event wins.

Competitors do not compete for track position, and it’s not a race event, so it’s a safer and more relaxed form of motorsport. The cars are also not required to have a Certificate of Description, so it provides an opportunity to compete in a car which may not be eligible for historic race events. This also leads to a wonderful variety of cars on the track, from beauties like Matt’s, to recreations and more.

Enjoy the video, and head to to check out some of Matt’s magic motorsport photography.

The Tasman Trophy will return to Sydney Motorsport Park over the 19th and 20th of November, 2016. Entries are open now via the CAMS Members’ Portal, so get yours in and join us for an awesome weekend of historic racing.

A Huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to Wes Dayton

Wes Dayton

We are thrilled to announce that Wes Dayton was awarded an honorary life membership to the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of NSW at the Tasman Trophy on Saturday.

The honorary life membership was awarded for Wes’ exceptional and sustained contribution to the club over many years.

Wes works tirelessly to maintain, care for and promote the club, its members and its events, and we’re sure most of you will have enjoyed his help and friendship through your dealings with the club.

Wes your contributions to this club are immeasurable. We are endlessly grateful for all that you do and to be so lucky to call you a friend. THANK YOU!

“Amongst the various Presidents that Wes has assisted, not many of us have really been computer literate, nor are, or were, we not hard task masters!”

“Wes has worked with a lot of differing requirement through his time with the Club. Not only has he administered the Club, but he also took over the role of Editor of the Oily Rag after the late John Sexton retired from that position.”

“In my term as Treasurer and President, Wes has been a massive help in so many ways. Thank you Wes!” – David Medley

Wes Dayton

2014 Tasman Trophy Wrap-Up and Gallery

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Images: Seth Reinhardt

Welcome home, and thanks for a happy weekend of historic motorsport!

The 2014 Tasman Trophy was held over the last weekend of November and produced a stunning weekend of historic racing for the wonderful group of volunteers, drivers and spectators who support us. Take a few minutes to put your feet up and reminisce with our wrap-up and the first of our photo galleries.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

It’s always exciting pulling in to Sydney Motorsport Park at the start of a race weekend. The track has a brilliant motorsport buzz surrounding it, and it’s a joy to race on a track with such history, and one which presents such great opportunity for challenging and exciting racing.

This weekend was, of course, no exception. We were greeted with the song of motorsport in the summer air and a full weekend’s opportunity ahead of us.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Building upon the huge success of our Tasman Revival historic race meetings, the Tasman Trophy is a national historic race meeting featuring cars of the golden era of motor racing and providing feature events for cars from the original Tasman Series as well as Formula 5000s.

The event was very well supported and we were able to fill Sydney Motorsport Park to the brim with a collection of historic sports and racing cars that spanned every historic racing category. The variety and depth of interesting, storied and exciting historic machinery was brilliant!

We were especially pleased to welcome friends old and new from overseas, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. We greatly appreciate your support, dedication and commitment for making the trip and getting involved!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Speaking of commitment, the quality of driving on display was, as always, magnificent. Racing was clean, respectful and exciting and we thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the action around the track.

Thank you to all of our drivers for putting on a fun weekend’s historic motorsport! Your support means a great deal to us, and we continue to work hard to improve the opportunities we’re able to offer you to enjoy historic motorsport, historic motor cars and good clean racing!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

When the heat of the action got too intense, the pits and paddock at Sydney Motorsport Park made a welcome and fun refuge. Historic motorsport offers unparalleled access to competitors and their historic machinery and it’s always wonderful to explore the grounds, catch up with friends, make new ones and tinker with historic racing and sports cars.

The atmosphere in the pits and paddock was relaxed and social, with a healthy buzz as competitors and crews worked to keep their cars in stunning shape. We may go on like we do all of this for the cars, but really it’s to spend quality time with mates. So thank you for making this happen, and for making a lap of the pits and paddock so much fun!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

When it comes to making things fun, we have our wonderful, talented and dedicated volunteers to thank. A baffling amount of work goes on behind the scenes and without volunteers who devote their free time and talent to making everything happen, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this.

We, and everyone involved, would like to send out our most heartfelt and everlasting thanks to each and every one of you. Once again you have gone above and beyond, braved the elements and invested your incredible skills and talents into bringing happiness to others. You make all of this possible and we cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

With that, it’s time to tuck in to some photos! The first of our galleries are online and you can enjoy them over on the ‘Gallery‘ page or from the handy links to follow:

2014 Tasman Trophy: Riccardo Benvenuti

2014 Tasman Trophy: Brent Murray

2014 Tasman Trophy: Seth Reinhardt

2014 Tasman Trophy: Peter Schell

2014 Tasman Trophy: Richard Taylor

Many thanks to Brent, Peter Riccardo, Richard and Seth for the photos.

You can find more from Brent at his website here, visit Riccardo here, explore more from Richard by clicking this link and find more from Seth or Peter with a quick email here.

Next up: family, friends and holiday spirit! We then kick off 2015 with the Ron Tauranac AO 90th Birthday Celebration Lunch on Tuesday the 13th of January, before getting stuck back in to historic motorsport at Wakefield Park over the 21st and 22nd of February.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Ron Tauranac


Ron Tauranac enjoying the pits & paddock, photos by Peter Eppel

Tasman Trophy Friday Practice Schedule

Tasman Trophy Friday Practice

Practice for the 2014 Tasman Trophy kicks off this Friday the 28th of November, and the schedule of events for practice is now available to download from the website.

Simply hit this link or right-click and ‘Save-As’ to download a copy:

2014 Tasman Trophy Friday Practice [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Programme, Entrants List and Garages

2014 Tasman Trophy

The 2014 Tasman Trophy is set to roar off the line on Saturday the 29th of November, and you can now get up to speed on what’s happening when, and who’s going to be doing it!

The provisional entry list, programme of events and garage allocations are now available to download from the website.

Hit the following links, or head to our ‘Events & Entry Forms‘ page to grab them:

2014 Tasman Trophy Programme of Events [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Provisional Entry List [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Garage & Carport Plan [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Marquees 1, 2 and 4 [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Marquees 3 and 5 [PDF]


An Invitation to the Tasman Trophy

Tasman Trophy

The 1960s were special times for Australian Motor Sport when our circuits and those in New Zealand reverberated to the sound of the 2 ½ litre Tasman openwheeler racing cars.

The original Tasman Cup attracted the best cars and drivers from around the world to compete against each other and the best both Australia and New Zealand had to offer. It was a time when the likes of Clark, Stewart, Hill and Rindt lined up against the local drivers of the calibre of Brabham, Gardner, Geoghegan and Matich. Tasman Cup meetings also contained races for the full range of competition cars including sedans, sports racing, sports cars and other open wheelers.

Since 2006 the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of New South Wales has recaptured those iconic days from the ‘60s with the Tasman Revival and will be doing the same over the weekend of November 29-30 with the holding of the Tasman Trophy at Sydney Motorsports Park. As with the original Tasman Cup there are cars and drivers coming from the UK, US and New Zealand as well as races for sports cars, sedans and sports racing.

The HSRCA is keen on sharing the excitement with all CAMS affiliated clubs on the East Coast of Australia and invites club members to the Tasman Trophy. Those members who arrive in marque cars will be admitted free of charge with only passengers being asked for the price of admission.

Previously, at Sydney Motorsport Park

Sydney Retro Speedfest

In two weeks we’ll have once again filled Sydney Motorsport Park to the brim with magnificent historic sports and racing cars and will be getting down to business with the 2014 Tasman Trophy historic race meeting.

To keep you busy until then, and help you get fired up for a brilliant weekend of historic motorsport, let’s take a look back at our previous event at the track back in the heady days of May, 2014.

Sydney Retro Speedfest

But first – a reminder of what the Tasman Trophy event is all about!

To be held over the weekend of the 29th and 30th of November, the Tasman Trophy is a national historic race meeting celebrating the cars and people of the golden era of motor racing.

It will feature the same relaxed and friendly atmosphere, summer weather, good people and wonderful cars of our previous Tasman Revival events. We will enjoy the return of the mighty Formula 5000s, along with a full race schedule for all categories of historic racing and sports cars.

Sydney Retro Speedfest

We have traditionally received excellent domestic and international support at these events, and we’re looking forward to catching up with, and racing, friends from the UK, USA, New Zealand, Japan and, of course, all over our wonderful country.

Make sure to head to our ‘Events’ page here to find all the information you need to enjoy your weekend at the Tasman Trophy. We have a programme of events and provisional entry list on the way, and will be updating this page over the days leading up to the event so stay tuned!

Sydney Retro Speedfest

Our previous trip to Sydney Motorsport Park was for the inaugural Sydney Retro Speedfest, held over the first weekend of May in 2014.

The event attracted a varied and stunning collection of machinery pulled from almost every form of circuit-based four-wheel motorsport enjoyed since the 1930s.

Sydney Retro Speedfest

We enjoyed on a packed schedule of racing over three days including events for all categories of historic racing and sports cars. Included in these was round 2 of the Heritage Touring Cars championship and it was great fun seeing the magnificent muscle cars of the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s doing what they do best.

Catch up on all the action in our wrap up, and the photo galleries below, and we’ll see you at the Tasman Trophy!

2014 Sydney Retro Speedfest Wrap Up and Photo Gallery

Photo galleries:

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Jeremy Braithwaite

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Sylvain Hauser

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Rod Mackenzie

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Michelle McCue

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Brent Murray

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Carol Philpott

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Chris Raper

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Seth Reinhardt

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Bob Ross

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Peter Schell

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Sydney Photo Fun Meetup

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2014: Rhys Vandersyde

Sydney Retro Speedfest