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Sydney Retro Speedfest Historic Racer Profile: Geoff Morgan

Geoff Morgan

Four-time Australian Porsche Cup Champion, Asian Porsche Cup Champion, three-time runner-up in Australia’s Nations Cup and outright Group S Champion for the last five years, Geoff Morgan has an impressive thirty year history with Porsche and historic racing.

He started in a 1974 Porsche 911S in super sprints and his first race was in a 2.7 1974 Carrera in Porsche Cup, and he now races his beloved 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera.

In addition to racing in Australia Geoff has been privileged to race at Nurburgring (2003/2004), Watkins Glen (2013) and Laguna Seca, California (2011) having taken his Porsche as part of an Australian contingent.

“I love driving the historic Porsche on radials.  It’s so exciting, especially at SMSP where it’s continually on the edge”.

Sydney Retro Speedfest Historic Racer Profile: Danny Gatto

Danny Gatto

Danny Gatto is a 46 year old Alfista, who got the bug for racing after doing some super sprinting with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of NSW, about 10 years ago.

“After encountering historic racing, I thought “I’ve got to do this!” So I built a 1978 Alfetta GTV.”

Danny has now been racing this car for six years and has never looked back.  The car has been raced in three states around Australia, from Phillip Island to Morgan Park, not to forget Mt Panorama. The car also gets used for All Alfa Racing with the Veloce Racing Association, where they run an East Coast Challenge between the Victorians, Queenslanders & NSW.

“I look forward to running at the Sydney Retro Speed Fest, as Sydney Motor Sport Park is a track I tend to do well at.”

“The big bonus for me is the camaraderie and excitement of racing that I share with all of my fellow racers, and the good mates that I have made through racing.”

Sydney Retro Speedfest Historic Racer Profile: Richard Rose

Richard Rose

Richard Rose began his involvement in historic motor racing in 1985. He kicked off his historic motor racing career in an MG TD, then, in 1987, moved to a Buchanan Cobra before hopping into his 1959 MG A 1600 in 1995.

This MG A commenced historic racing in Group Sa in 1979, and has had a continuous racing history since 1972 when it was raced as a production sports car.

“What I like about historic racing is the camaraderie between drivers. The racing can be very competitive out on the track, but at the end of the day we still remain friends”


Frontal Head Restraints

CAMS has recently issued an amendment to regulations for frontal head restraints, making them mandatory from 2014.

Read on for the release from CAMS, and head to the official CAMS website here for more information.


The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has issued regulation amendments incorporating the mandatory use of Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) after announcing the use of FHRs are to become mandatory from 2014.

The amendments affect two Schedules; Schedule D – Apparel and Schedule I – Safety Harnesses/ Window Nets.

These Schedules with regulation amendments for the mandatory use of FHR devices can be found by clicking here for SCHEDULE D and here for SCHEDULE I.

For the Bulletin click HERE.

Please Note:

CAMS will only recognise the SFI Standard 38.1 FHR devices up until the 31/12/2015, when the SFI Standard 38.1 devices will no longer be recognised. CAMS has only ever recognised and recommended the use of FIA approved devices.

The SFI Foundation, in testing to meet the SFI 38.1 Standard, utilised a test scenario involving the use of a sled and a test dummy fitted with the device. The sled and dummy, are then accelerated and rapidly decelerated to produce a velocity change, thus testing the ability of the device to support the head and neck in an impact. The FIA take testing a step further than the sled and dummy test by incorporating testing for the helmet posts and the individual tethers. The FIA then undertake a destruction test to determine the ultimate ability of the device.

Furthermore, CAMS will not approve the drilling of a helmet to facilitate the fitting of FHR tether posts unless undertaken by the helmet manufacturer or a helmet manufacturer’s agent. Most helmets with the applicable standard required for FHR are pre-drilled to suit the tether posts and therefore only require the post to bolted or screwed into place. Manufacturers and manufacturer agents will undertake this action for minimal cost and will also be able to verify that the helmet is in fact of the necessary standard to suit the use of FHR.

CAMS has resolved to introduce regulations which mandate the use of Frontal Head Restraints in accordance with FIA standards as follows:

From 1 July, 2014 all international and national circuit races, road events and off road events, except where specifically exempted due to the type of vehicle;

From 1 January, 2015, all state circuit races, road events and off road events, except where specifically exempted due to the type of vehicle.

This does not include Speed events and Auto tests.

Competitors in other disciplines and lower level competition are reminded that the use of these restraints remains highly recommended.

FHRs are a safety device that reduce the likelihood of head and/ or neck injuries and are already compulsory in many motor sport events worldwide.

The purpose of FHR devices is to stop the head from whipping forward in a crash, without restricting the movement of the neck, as an FHR device maintains the relative position of the head to the body.

For a video on how to use Frontal Head Restraints – click HERE

For a video on the introduction of FHR’s by CAMS – click HERE

CAMS has FHR devices for sale at CAMS Shop on CAMS website.

Sydney Retro Speedfest Historic Racer Profile: Austin Healey 3000 Mk I

Brian Duffy Austin

Originally prepared by Carl Stecher for Robert Foster (QLD) in 1998, this Healey was successfully campaigned by Rob Rowland of the Healey Factory from 2003.

Historic racing successes include a pole position (Group S) at Philip Island, and it currently holds the Sa Lap Record at Phillip Island. In 2007 owner Brian Duffy re-painted the car Docker Green  (NOJ 392).

“We’re ready to race, rock ‘n roll at Sydney Retro Speedfest!”

Car: Austin Healey 3000 Mk I
Year: 1959
Race No: 34
Owner: Brian P Duffy

Sydney Retro Speedfest Historic Racer Profile: Ed Singleton

Ed Singleton

Ed Singleton’s first motorsport love is his ex-Allan Grice & Colin Bond “Group C” Commodore. Presented in its iconic  period STP livery, “Elvis” is an original Bathurst & ATCC race car, exactingly restored to its 1983 race specification.

Having raced in a variety of classes including the Mini Challenge and Radical Australia Cup (Ed is the 2011 Radical national champion), he’s adamant that there’s nothing quite like the Heritage Touring Car Series, and is very much looking forward to running on the Gardner Circuit at the Sydney Retro Speedfest.

“I can’t wait to hit the track in May!”

“We’re lining up a big grid of Bathurst touring cars, ranging from the nimble Bob Holden Escorts to the “Big Banger” V8 Commodores and Falcons, right through to the mighty Gibson Motorsport Nissans, and everything in between. Nothing gets the crowd cheering like a full grid of Bathurst Legends, and the Group C and Group A boys always put on an entertaining show. Join us trackside for touring car racing like it used to be!”

Our vision for the Sydney Retro Speedfest

Sydney Retro Speedfest Coverage

The Sydney Retro Speedfest race weekend on May 3 – 4 will be captured from every angle, ensuring all competitors and spectators will see every bit of racing action across the expansive Sydney Motorsport Park complex.

Motorsport specialists AVE will be on board for the inaugural event, providing full television coverage with nine fixed cameras and 20 in-car cameras.

The feed will be streamed live to a big screen for spectators, as well as to the monitors in paddock complex and garages.

And AVE will endeavour to provide equal billing and time for every race category.  That’s every car, filmed in every race – and not just following the top three!

More details on the television coverage to follow – stay tuned to

Sydney Retro Speedfest Historic Racer Profile: Tom Tweedie

Tom Tweedie

Tom is just 25 years of age – but has been racing for nine years! He currently runs the fastest Formula 5000 in Australia, and is the current F5000 lap record holder at Sydney Motorsport Park. In the past has also competed in Formula Ford, Formula 3, V8 Supercar Development Series, and the Porsche Carrera Cup. He plans to bring his Formula 5000 and his Formula Ford to the Sydney Retro Speedfest in May.

“I am really looking forward to a fun weekend getting back into one of the most exhilarating cars I’ve ever driven,” Tweedie says. “Sydney Motorsport Park gives us the perfect mix of challenging corners and opportunity to stretch the car’s legs, including high speed Turn 1 where we are just shy of 270kph… Always exciting!”


Sydney Retro Speedfest

Members of Classic Car clubs are invited to display their pride and joy at Sydney Motorsport Park on Sunday 4 May 2014.  Drivers of display cars will be admitted to the Speedfest free of charge, while passengers may take advantage of the early-bird discount admission charge (phone ARDC on (02) 9672 1000).  A special display area has been set aside along Pit Straight where all the on-track action can be viewed during the action-packed race meeting.

To register for the display, please refer to the attachments below and send completed details to Phil Harrison, Sydney Motorsport Park, PO Box 6747, Blacktown DC NSW 2148.

2014 Sydney Retro Speedfest Classic Car Club Display Invitation [PDF]

2014 Sydney Retro Speedfest Classic Car Club Display Fact Sheet [PDF]

2014 Sydney Retro Speedfest Classic Car Club Display Registration Form [DOC]

Merchandising and Trade Display Opportunities at Sydney Retro Speedfest

Sydney Retro Speedfest Merchandising and Trade

Opportunities are available for merchandising and trade display sites at the Sydney Retro Speedfest, which will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on 3-4 May 2014.

It’s an excellent opportunity to get your brand, services or products in front of an active and engaged audience of motorsport enthusiasts, for a very reasonable price. Options begin at $250+GST per site and include two tickets and one merchandising site vehicle pass.

For the full details and to secure your site, please download and return the following booking form.

2014 Sydney Retro Speedfest Merchandise Site Booking Form [PDF]

The completed form must be returned to the following details:

Australian Racing Drivers Club Ltd C/O Phil Harrison PO Box 6747
PH: 02 9672 1000 FAX: 02 9672 0209

The HRCC’s Historic Torque: March 2014

HRCC Historic Torque March 2014

Image: Shifting Focus Photography

Historic Torque is the official journal of the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland. We’re now making it available for download from the HSRCA website to share the many adventures of historic racers around Australia.

This edition features all the news from Queensland’s historic racing scene, including the HRCC’s TTT day and sprints from February, cars for sale, upcoming events and more.

Download it by right-clicking the following link and selecting ‘Save-As’:

HRCC Historic Torque March 2014 [PDF]

Upcoming Historic Racing in Tasmania: 2014 Baskerville Historics

2014 Baskerville Historics

Our brothers and sisters to the south, the Hobart Sporting Car Club, are once again putting on the Baskerville Historics this year, and we’d like to share the details with you and encourage you to get involved.

The event will be held over the 4th and 5th of October, 2014, at Baskerville Raceway and bring together a lovely collection of historic racing and sports cars at a wonderful circuit. Head to the Hobart Sporting Car Club’s website here for more info, and check out the video below to get a feel for the event.

A Look at the Action at the 2014 Phillip Island Classic

2014 Phillip Island Classic

Image: Martin Creely

Held the weekend before the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix each year, the Phillip Island Classic is one of the biggest historic motorsport events on the calendar. It’s put on by our family to the south, the VHRR, and it’s well worth checking out!

Martin Creely was there over the weekend, and has put together a magnificent photo gallery of the historic sports and racing cars and on-track action, which he has kindly shared with us on the website. Head to our ‘Gallery‘ page to check it out, or just hit this handy link.

Thanks to Martin Creely for sharing the shots. Head to his official website here for more, and to organise prints and buy images.

2014 Phillip Island Classic

Wakefield Park: A Stroll Through the Pits & Paddock at our Summer Historics


Images: Michelle McCue

Our latest gallery from Wakefield Park takes you for a stroll through the pits and paddock to soak in the atmosphere of a lovely weekend of historic racing, thanks to Michelle McCue.

The friendly, open and social nature of the pits and paddock is one of the great pleasures in historic racing, and Michelle demonstrates that magnificently in her gallery, which you can find in our ‘Gallery‘ page, or by clicking the link below:

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Michelle McCue

Photography by, and thanks to, Michelle McCue. Check out more of her work on Flickr here.


JKL Newsletter for February 2014

Pre-1930s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s historic racing and sports cars at Wakefield Park

I trust everyone had a great festive season.  Our first meeting of the year has been “run and won” at Wakefield Park, and Phillip Island is just around the corner.

Who says that the weather at Wakefield Park is always atrocious? Either freezing cold or boiling hot. Last weekend was a perfect late summer meeting with the weather deemed “ideal air cooled driving conditions” by the 3 peddlers of such devises.

There was plenty of track time over the course of the weekend with practice and 2 scratch races on Saturday and a handicap in the morning and a scratch race in the arvo on Sunday. One feature of the programme was that the last race on Sunday finished at 2.30pm, which is a good thing to allow everyone to get on the road early and not miss a late afternoon event.


Check Out the Historic Racing Action at Wakefield Park

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Image: Peter Schell

It’s a rainy Friday morning here in Sydney, so it’s a good thing we have two fresh and exciting sets of photographs from our weekend at Wakefield Park to brighten up your day, and carry you through to the weekend on a high!

They come thanks to long time HSRCA photographer extraordinaires Peter Schell and Richard Taylor, and capture the action out on the track magnificently.

Head to our ‘Gallery’ page here to check them out, or just click these handy links:

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Peter Schell

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Richard Taylor

Thanks to Peter Schell and Richard Taylor for sharing their work! Head to Richard’s website here for much more, and to order prints, and if you’d like to get in touch with Peter just send me an email.

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Image: Richard Taylor

2014 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

We’ve had a couple days to make the road trip home from Wakefield Park, catch up on some rest and settle back into everyday life after a full weekend of historic racing at our 2014 Wakefield Park Summer Historics, and I think that means we’re well due for a look back at the action!

We kicked off our year of historic motorsport with a gentle trip to Goulburn and a full set of races for all of our historic sports and racing car categories. With no set theme for this meeting, it was all about getting our cars out on the track, warming up after the holiday break and catching up with our mates.

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

And everyone involved did just that. The tireless efforts of our volunteers, clean racing from our competitors and top notch planning from our organisers kept things running smoothly and on time and had the racetrack singing throughout the weekend. After a few technical retirements over the course of the weekend we ended up mixing a handful of grids and running longer races on Sunday to make sure that our competitors had their fill of racing and keep the fields full and exciting.

The quality of driving and racing was uniformly excellent throughout the weekend, and each one of the wonderful collection of historic sports and racing cars present at the weekend was immaculately prepared. Thank you to our competitors for putting on a great weekend of racing and, most importantly, doing so in a safe and responsible manner!

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

The pits and paddock were, as always, a joy do explore; full of good friends enjoying each other’s company and spinning wild tales of racing adventure, historic race car repair, preparation, maintenance and tinkering, and the aforementioned collection of immaculately-prepared historic sports and racing cars.

I say this at the end of every race meeting, but it’s each and every one of you who make our events special and create the happy, social buzz that surrounds every weekend of historic racing we enjoy together. Thanks for making our weekends so easy and fun!

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

Most importantly we, and I’m sure everyone involved, would like to thank our selfless and tireless volunteers who lend their skills, energy and love to our events and make all of this possible. You are the lifeblood of historic motorsport, and we can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU!

Make sure to check out our first four photo galleries from the event, which are online on the ‘Gallery‘ page here, and keep an eye on the site over the coming weeks as we endeavour to bring you all the content that we can muster from the event.

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Michelle McCue

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Peter Schell

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Richard Taylor

We love to promote the work of our many talented mates, so if you have photos, video, or stories from the weekend and would like to share them on the club website, send an email to, or drop by the club Facebook page and say hi.

Up next? Sydney Retro Speedfest at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 3rd and 4th of May. Check out this page for everything you need to know about the event, and stay tuned to the site for more information as the event develops.

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

Previously, at Wakefield Park

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

It’s a rainy Wednesday afternoon, but we’re only two days from our first historic racing outing of the year, our Historic Summer at Wakefield Park, and that makes for a sunny disposition.

To keep you going for the next two days, and serve as some inspiration, we thought we’d take a look back at our previous adventure at Wakefield Park – the 2013 Historic Spring at Wakefield Park.

Historic Racing Wakefield Park

In contrast to the soggy start to our February 2013 event, Wakefield Park greeted us with springtime warmth, beautiful greenery and a backdrop of golden fields of canola. And we went and made it much more exciting by filling the track with two jam-packed days of historic racing for all categories of historic sports and racing car.

Check out the wrap up and photo galleries from the event below:

2013 Wakefield Park Spring Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

HSRCA All Historic Spring 2013: Richard Taylor

HSRCA All Historic Spring 2013: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Spring 2013: Peter Schell

Wakefield Park Summer Historics Provisional Entry List, Programme of Events & Fuel

Wakefield Park Historics

This time next week we’ll be well under way with practice for our first historic racing event of the year – our Historic Summer at Wakefield Park.

The provisional entry list, programme of events and further regs are now available for download, and you can grab them from the links below or our ‘Entry Forms‘ page:

Wakefield Park February 2014 Provisional Entry List [PDF]

Wakefield Park February 2014 Further Regs [PDF]

Wakefield Park February 2014 Programme of Events [PDF]

See you at the track!

JKL Newsletter for January 2014

JKL Newsletter

Firstly, a belated happy New Year to everyone. I hope that you all had a very pleasant time over the festive season and that Santa was good to you. Did he leave you a new race suit or helmet (or maybe a new Brabham)? One can only hope.

It seems like only a few weeks ago that Eastern Creek (sorry Sydney Motor Sport Park) was run and won. Sadly for me I was unable to attend as the Prad is still in a thousand bits, but Garry Simkin was there along with I think 8-9 other JKL’s, and has very kindly put this report together for me.

Read on for the full report and newsletter

Sydney Retro Speedfest: The New Classic Racing Festival

Sydney Retro Speedfest

The Historic Sports and Racing Car Association (HSRCA), in conjunction with the Australian racing Drivers’ Club (ARDC), is proud to present a brand new classic racing event for 2014 – the Sydney Retro Speedfest.

To be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on the weekend of 3-4 May 2014, the Sydney Retro Speedfest is set to showcase the best of classic racing cars with a fun, festival atmosphere that all can enjoy.

The Sydney Retro Speedfest will provide a unique opportunity to view the precious metal that contributed to Australia’s ‘golden era’ of motorsport. The long list of exquisite cars will include sports cars from the ’60s and ’70s including Porsches, Corvettes, Alfa Romeos, Austin Healeys and MGs, classic sports racing cars from Matich, Elfin, McLaren and Lola, and the super-quick open-wheelers from Ferrari, Brabham, Lotus, Elfin, Ralt and Chevron.

The Speedfest will also celebrate the ever-popular sedans, from touring cars of the ’60s and ’70s, such as Mustangs, Camaros, Toranas and Minis, to the Heritage Touring Cars which wowed the crowds at Bathurst from the ’70s through to the early ’90s. Fans can expect to see the legendary cars of this era including Commodores, Falcons, Skylines, Sierras, BMWs, Corollas and more.

And not to be forgotten will be the highly competitive Formula Fords and menacing Formula Vees, always guaranteed to provide thrilling slipstreaming and plenty of passing.

“This event will allow enthusiasts to enjoy first-hand the spectacle and excitement of the pinnacle of classic racing, and there will be entertainment for all family members,” said Peter Schell of the HSRCA.

ARDC CEO Glenn Matthews agreed: “The ARDC celebrated 60 years in 2012. We have come from classic grass roots racing, and what better way to celebrate it than a festival of this nature.”

The paddock area will be open and free to all ticket holders, allowing a close and personal experience of the cars, the crews and the atmosphere that makes classic racing such a fantastic spectator sport.

In a ‘festival of speed’, the racing cars are the stars, but the Sydney Retro Speedfest will also feature a static display of rare gems from many of the country’s finest car clubs, an opportunity to experience a race simulator, and a chance to win a track ride in a race car.

For more information, please contact

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.25

1960s Historic Racing Cars

Image: Steve Oom

The final edition of Ed Holly’s uniformly excellent M & O for 2013 went out to members late last month, and is now available for download right here from the club website.

This edition, which marks over six years of reporting for Ed, kicks off with a look at our Sydney Motorsport Park Spring Historics, before catching up with M & O at Sandown in November, clarifying the main events in New South Wales for 2014, checking out some Aussie Formula Junior action in Europe and checking in on all of the action in the world of Australian 1960s racing cars.

It’s another brilliant edition, packed with great stories and plenty of wonderful photos, and makes a brilliant start to 2014! Download it from the links below, and enjoy!

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.25 [PDF]

Photo thanks to Steve Oom

Previous 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newletters:

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.24

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.23

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.22

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.21

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.19

2013 Sydney Motorsport Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Gallery

Historic Racing

Image: Seth Reinhardt

As we prepare to wrap-up 2013, we still have one big job left to do – wrap up our All Historic Summer event at Sydney Motorsport Park!

“Except for an “interesting” damp practice, all of the races were held in the dry, which was very welcome following a very wet June meeting.” – Ed Holly

Conforming with a 2013 trend, our event started off with our many talented drivers playing tip toe in the rain and getting warmed up in some challenging conditions. They did marvelously, however, and that set the bar for the entire weekend’s racing.

“Great racing in the events I saw over the weekend. Just all around good safe and effective motor racing.” – David Medley

Historic Racing

Image: Charlene

Our feature categories for the weekend were Q & R Sports and Racing and they were well subscribed and put on an excellent show for all involved.

As always, proceedings were just as entertaining off the track as they were on it. The pits and paddock were full of good mates having a great weekend together socialising, tinkering and hitting the track to put their historic sports and racing cars to good use, and test and improve their own talents as well.

Historic Racing

“Now I know why I do all of this!  It was FANTASTIC!” – Noel Bryen

It’s always a joy to explore the pits and paddock, with plenty of social stops along the journey, and this weekend was no exception!

Thank you to all of our entrants for getting involved, preparing your cars so beautifully, making the pits and paddock such a pleasant place to be, and for filling the track with great historic racing all weekend!

“It was terrific to see so many interstate competitors make the journey and it was also terrific of the HSCRA to put on the extra laps they promised, with this meeting having a bit of a C of D category focus.” – Ed Holly

Historic Racing

Most importantly, we would like to extend an immense and heartfelt ‘THANK YOU!‘ to the many volunteers who make all of this possible. You create these wonderful opportunities to get together and enjoy our cars and we are endlessly grateful for the energy, passion and expertise which you donate to the sport.

These events wouldn’t be much fun without all of our mates getting involved in them with us, so another just as heartfelt ‘THANK YOU!‘ to everyone who came along and got involved. We are brought together around our cars, but it’s friends and family that make these times special.

Historic Racing

Make sure to head to our ‘Gallery’ page here, where you’ll find an abundance of photos from the event covering everything from the track to the pits, paddock and every nook and cranny in between.

HSRCA All Historic Summer 2013: Riccardo Benvenuti

HSRCA All Historic Summer 2013: Rod Mackenzie

HSRCA All Historic Summer 2013: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Summer 2013: Peter Schell

HSRCA All Historic Summer 2013: Sydney Photo Fun

HSRCA All Historic Summer 2013: Richard Taylor

We love to promote the work of our many talented mates, so if you have photos, video, or stories from the weekend and would like to share them on the club website, send an email to, or drop by the club Facebook page and say hi.

We’re going to take a quick break over the holiday season to refuel and rest, and we’ll be back in 2014 for the All Historic Summer on the 22nd and 23rd of February.

Loose Fillings #46

Loose Fillings 46

About three times a year Garry Simkin and Terry Wright put out a newsletter called ‘Loose Fillings’, which chronicles the many adventures of historic air-cooled racing cars from the 1950s.

Their final newsletter for 2013 is now available for download. This edition tells a tale from the birth of air-cooled racing, gives up all you need to know about cooper handling, checks in on the action in New Zealand and catches up on everything you need to know in the world of historic air-cooled racing cars from the ’50s.

Download it below by right-clicking the link and selecting ‘Save as’, and enjoy!

Loose Fillings #46 [PDF]

Take a look at the previous editions in the links below. Right-click and ‘Save as’, or just click.

Loose Fillings #45 [PDF]

Loose Fillings #44 [PDF]

Loose Fillings #43 [PDF]

Loose Fillings #42 [PDF]

Loose Fillings #41 [PDF]