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Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival Feature Race Winners

Good times were had with great friends. Beautiful historic racing machinery danced, and sometimes pirouetted, with brave and talented drivers in the rain. Lap records were broken. Here are the results for Sunday’s feature races at the 2010 Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival.

Detailed results and timing can be found on our results page, and on this link to the Natsoft website. The HSRCA lap records for Eastern Creek International Raceway can be found here.

Thank you to Peter Schell for his fantastic photography.  Please hit this link to view the full gallery of his photography from the 2010 Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival, including photos of the feature event winners.

Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival – Sunday 28th November 2010, Feature Races

Event 34 – Regularity – Peter Finlay and Ian Forsyth Trophies

Heidi Jackel – 1970 Valiant VG Pacer

Jake Williams – 1974 Holden HQ

Event 35 – Frank Gardner Trophy for Group L Sports

Peter Giddings – 1953 Masserati 250F

Event 35 – Alec Mildren Trophy for Group L Racing

Dick Willis – 1959 Mildren Cooper T51

Event 35 – RACA Trophy for Sa Sports Cars

Peter Jackson – 1959 Austin Healey 3000

Event 35 – Jack Myers Trophy for Na Touring Cars

Allan Bryson – 1952 Austin A30

Event 35 – The VSCCA Trophy for Group K

Peter Greenfield – 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C-36

Event 36 – The Ron Tauranac Trophy for Group Q Racing

John Gale – 1972 Surtees TS9 F1

Event 36 – Trophy Race for Group R Racing

Guido Belgiorno-Nettis – 1985 Ferrari 156/85 Turbo

Event 37 – RACA Trophy Race for Group Sb Sports Cars

Tony Dains – 1970 Triumph TR6

Event 37 – Trophy Race for Group Sc Sports Cars

Stephen Borness – 1976 Porsche 911 Carrera

Event 37 – Trophy Race for Group T Sports Cars

Jason Lea – 1968 Datsun 2000

Event 38 – John Leffler Shield for Formula Ford

Fa – John Tarran – 1970 Lotus 61M

Fb – Geoff  Walters – 1981 Elwyn 003

Event 41 – The Jack Brabham Trophy for Group M Racing Cars

Ed Holly – 1963 Brabham BT6

Event 41 – Leo Geoghegan Trophy for Group O Racing cars

John Smith 1968 Lotus 49/R8

Event 42 – The Repco Matich Trohpy for Group M Sports Cars

Stewart Mahony – 1965 Bolwell MK 4

Event 42 – The Spencer Martin Trophy for Group O Sports

Murray Sinclair – 1969 Chevron B16

Event 42 – The Bib Stillwell Trophy for Group Q Sports Cars

Scott Whittaker – 1972 Milano GT 2

Event 42 Trophy Race for Group R Sports Cars

Jamie Larner – 1979 Ralt RT2

Event 43 – The Kevin Bartlett Trophy for F 5000

Stan Redmond – 1976 Lola T332C

Event 44 Trophy Race for Formula Junior

David Methley – 1960 Lotus 18 FJ

Event 44 – Trophy Race for Formula 3

Tom Tweedie – 1965 Lola T60 F2

Event 45 – Trophy Race for Formula Vee

David Cutts – 1984 Spectre FVee

Event 46 – The Ian Geoghegan Trophy for Nb Touring Cars

Victor Waterhouse – 1964 Jaguar 3.8 MK. 2

Event 46 – The Brian Foley Trophy for Nc Touring Cars

Vince Macri – 1972 Holden Torana GTR X

Tasman Topics

The countdown is on and we are just weeks away from the HSRCAʼs biggest event on the calendar and one of the most significant historic race meetings in the country. The third bi-annual Tasman Revival meeting will be held at Eastern Creek International Raceway on November 26th, 27th and 28th.

Forty four cars from the USA, UK, New Zealand and Japan are on the water as this is being written. There are Tasman cars, sports cars and single seaters from Formula 5000 to Formula Junior. An 8C Alfa Romeo will be exciting to see and hear, as will a genuine racing Cobra from the US.

Again the feature race on the Sunday will be the Tasman tribute and the driver of any one of six contenders could lift the Tasman Trophy. Here is a brief ʻform guideʼ:

The first is the 2006 winner, John Smith in the Dawson-Damer familyʼs Lotus 49. After an unforgettable dice throughout the entire 15 laps, including a number of lead changes, John Smith scored a narrow win, only 0.2 seconds ahead of Spencer Martin in the ex-Frank Gardner/Kevin Bartlett Brabham Alfa BT23D. Smithʼs winning Lotus 49 Cosworth, part of the Dawson-Damer collection, had originally contested the 1969 Tasman Cup in the hands of then world champion Graham Hill.

Then there is the 2008 winner, Rob Hall in Graham Adelmanʼs ex-Chris Amon Ferrari 246T Dino. Certainly one of the prettiest formula cars ever built, the race at the second Tasman Revival was another exciting event, with Richard Carter close behind in his Elfin 600B.

Graham Adelman is also bringing back the wonderful BRM P126 V12. It was a winner in a round of the 1968 Tasman, driven by Bruce McLaren and has the potential to upset some of the cars further up the grid.

Another local car that has front row potential is the Brabham BT24 owned by Brian Wilson. This is the car that (Sir) Jack Brabham drove to second place in the 1967 F1 World Driversʼ Championship behind Denny Hulme.

Like the John Smith/Lotus 49 combination, the recent pairing of champion Australian driver John Bowe in Trevor Simpsonʼs Brabham BT23. This car is a recent arrival in Australia and has not been seen around the tracks very much. John Bowe, in the other hand, is very well known to Australian race goers and his drive in the Tasman Revival will be a highlight of the weekend.

Last but certainly not least is the Brabham BT31, ex-Jack Brabham and later Bib Stillwell, powered by a Repco V8 engine. It is being brought here by Phil Harris and will be a very competitive car.

And thatʼs just one race!

Over the three days there will be more than 40 races to be contested by cars from Groups J, K & L, Formula Vee, Formula Ford, Formula Junior, Formula 3 and Formula 5000. There will also be some Formula 1 and Indy cars and the ever-popular Groups S and N, plus Regularity. There will also be demonstrations on the Sunday of Tasman cars and other significant competition cars. There will be private practice on Thursday 25th November, then qualifying on Friday morning, racing in the afternoon with more racing all day Saturday and Sunday.

Miss this and youʼll have to wait another two years before it happens again.

Stephen Knox