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Video: On Board with the Sebesfis in the 2017 Summer Festival Group S Enduro

Sebesfi Group S

Hop on board with Andrew and Nick Sebesfi for the Group S Enduro race held during last year’s Summer Festival at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The video was shot during the Group S enduro held during the Summer Festival at the 2017 Summer Festival over the weekend of the 11th & 12th of November. The pilots are Andrew and Nick Sebesfi, and they’re driving their SOS Racing Group S MG Midget.

For more from the 2017 Summer Festival, check out our wrap-up here.

Thanks to Andrew and Nick Sebesfi for sharing the video!

2017 Autumn Festival at Wakefield Park: Wrap-Up, Video and Photo Galleries

2017 Autumn Festival Historic Motorsport

After two fun days of historic motorsport at Wakefield Park, our first historic meeting of 2017 is in the books, so it’s time to catch up on the action and share a few photographs and videos from the weekend.

The HSRCA’s first historic race meeting of 2017 was held in Goulburn’s lovely countryside at the classic Wakefield Park circuit over the 8th & 9th of April. It was a relaxed and friendly return to the track, supported by, mostly, magic autumn weather and it saw several groups contest championship rounds, along with the introduction of a new supersprint category.

Conditions on Friday and Saturday were perfect for motorsport. The sun was out and temperatures were mild, making for great racing and a pleasant time tinkering and chatting in the pits and paddock. Sunday threatened rain when we arrived at the circuit, which sadly saw some competitors departing early, and did give Group N an exciting mid-race downpour, but the clouds parted at lunch and produced a spectacular autumn afternoon.

Event proceedings kicked off on Friday, which saw competitors getting into the groove and preparing their vehicles for the weekend’s racing. It was a good opportunity to get settled in, catch up with mates and give the cars a run after the summer break. Qualifying was held on Saturday morning and from there we popped it into top gear for the races.

2017 Autumn Festival Historic Motorsport

Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers who support us and entrants’ great preparation and tidy steering, the programme ran smoothly throughout the weekend. This contributed a great deal to the event’s friendly, relaxed and respectful atmosphere, which is something that we value a great deal and will continue to nurture. As always, the cars were beautifully-prepared and looked and sounded magic out on the track.

Our eight fields included Formula Vee, Groups K, L, M & Formula Junior, Groups O, Q & R, Regularity, Group S, Group N, Formula Ford and the new Supersprint event. Formula Vee, Group S, Group N and Regularity put together particularly full and exciting fields and the Vees stuck it out right to the bitter end to produce a particularly impressive 100% participation through Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed the races throughout the weekend, and were pleased to see exciting and respectful dices contested throughout all of the race events as well as consistent performances in regularity and some good times produced in the supersprint events.

2017 Autumn Festival Historic Motorsport

These old machines bring us a lot of joy, but they also bring it to others. Spectators were quick to praise the cars, people and racing and to comment on their reminiscence of the sport’s golden age.

Thank you to all of our drivers and their support crews! Competing in a race weekend is no small undertaking, and we greatly appreciate the effort you invest in preparing, running and racing your historic sports and race cars at our events. We will continue to work to improve the experience leading up to race weekend, as well as the weekend itself and our follow-up efforts, and we appreciate your support and feedback.

2017 Autumn Festival Historic Motorsport

The wonderful community that makes up our Club is one of the strongest draws to our events, and you have once again created a warm and relaxed atmosphere that made the weekend a pleasure. The pits and paddock were, as always, fun to explore – even if it takes an unexpectedly long time to get anywhere once you factor in all of the opportunities to stop and chat along the way. Thank you for making historic motorsport such a welcoming and social experience!

If you’re new to historic motorsport and join the HSRCA, or any of our sister clubs around the country, at a historic meeting, make sure to take the time to wander the pits and paddock, check out the cars and chat with their custodians and drivers. We’re a friendly bunch who love to chat – especially when cars are involved!

2017 Autumn Festival Historic Motorsport

Most importantly, we, and everyone involved in the Club and all of its events, would like to extend our most gracious thanks to the many volunteers who support us. You devote your time and talents to motorsport and its community, and it is your hard work and dedication that allows us to enjoy these experiences. THANK YOU!

That’s enough (far too many) words for one day – on to the photos! Put on the kettle and take a few minutes to click through the following links and enjoy the photos and video contributed to the many talented photographers, videographers and editors who cover our events.

Blend Line TV kindly filmed races on Sunday, and are currently uploading them to their YouTube channel. Scroll down to catch a few races, and make sure to check out their channel for more.

Images thanks to Mike Fisher, David Jenkins, Wayne Jones, Glenn Keating, Steve Koen, Rod Mackenzie, Brad McDonald, Seth Reinhardt, Geoff Russell and Rudi Seidel. If you’d like to see more from them, or to organise digital copies or prints, please head to their official websites. We greatly appreciate you supporting their work.

Please head to Wayne’s Sportz Fotos website for more from him and to Ten Tenths for more from Glenn. David’s work can be found on Facebook here and Geoff can be found on Instagram here.

See Brad’s work on here for more shots from him. Rod can be found at the Rod Mackenzie Collection and for more from David, Mike, Rudi, Steve or Seth, send Seth an email at

2017 Autumn Festival by Mike Fisher

2017 Autumn Festival by David Jenkins

2017 Autumn Festival by Wayne Jones

2017 Autumn Festival by Glenn Keating

2017 Autumn Festival by Steve Koen

2017 Autumn Festival by Rod Mackenzie

2017 Autumn Festival by Brad McDonald

2017 Autumn Festival by Seth Reinhardt

2017 Autumn Festival by Rudi Seidel

2017 Autumn Festival by Geoff Russell

Our next historic race meeting will see us returning to Wakefield Park for the 2017 Spring Festival, to be held over the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2017. Entries will open shortly, and we will be in touch in the very near future. Stay tuned to for more!

2017 Autumn Festival Historic Motorsport

Video: Regularity with Matt Hart and his 1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Regularity with Matt Hart

Get to know the ins and outs of Regularity, with long-time HSRCA competitor Matt Hart and his 1966 Plymouth Barracuda.

This short film, by Paolo Febbo and Rob Scheeren, was shot during last year’s Tasman Trophy. It follows Matt Hart competing in his magnificent 1966 Plymouth Barracuda, getting to know Matt, his car and the Regularity category along the way.

Regularity is an excellent way to get into historic motorsport. In it, your goal is to set a benchmark time, and then lap as consistently close to that time as possible. Go faster, and you’re docked points. Go slower, and you’re docked even more. The competitor with the most points at the end of the event wins.

Competitors do not compete for track position, and it’s not a race event, so it’s a safer and more relaxed form of motorsport. The cars are also not required to have a Certificate of Description, so it provides an opportunity to compete in a car which may not be eligible for historic race events. This also leads to a wonderful variety of cars on the track, from beauties like Matt’s, to recreations and more.

Enjoy the video, and head to to check out some of Matt’s magic motorsport photography.

The Tasman Trophy will return to Sydney Motorsport Park over the 19th and 20th of November, 2016. Entries are open now via the CAMS Members’ Portal, so get yours in and join us for an awesome weekend of historic racing.

Video: Tin Top Trophy Races from Sydney Retro Racefest

Sydney Retro Racefest Coverage

Catch up with all of the tin top racing from Sunday at Sydney Retro Racefest thanks to this excellent coverage of the event by our coverage partners Blend Line TV.

This second episode from Racefest covers the Group N, Group S and Heritage Touring Cars trophy races held on Sunday morning at Sydney Retro Racefest. It captures plenty of magnificent historic racing moments, highlighted by the insight excitement of commentators Daniel Beckinsale and John Young.

This episode was originally broadcast on Aurora on Monday, the 11th of July at 8:30PM and will run again on Tuesday the 12th of July at 3PM and then Friday the 15th of July at 8PM.

Formula Ford, Groups M & O Racing & Sports, Formula Vee, Q & R Racing & Sports and Formula 5000 were broadcast last week and we’ll include that video below as well. Enjoy!

Historic Hot Laps: Tom Tweedie in the 1974 Elfin MS7

Tom Tweedie Sydney Retro Racefest

Head back to Sydney Motorsport Park for a few hot laps with Tom Tweedie in the 1974 Elfin MS7.

The car is a 1974 Elfin MS7 which has been a frequent competitor in HSRCA events at the hands of the Tweedies. It’s a one-off aluminium monocoque sports car based on the MS6 Formula 5000. The car weighs in at just 730 kilograms and is pushed around by a mighty 5-litre Repco V8 with Lucas fuel injection.

Garrie Cooper built it to win the Australian Sports Car Championship. He debuted it in 1974 and at the close of the 1975 season had done just that.

This awesome on-board footage comes thanks to Rob Tweedie and features Tom at the wheel of the car at Sydney Retro Racefest.

Video: Open-Wheel Highlights from Sydney Retro Racefest

Sydney Retro Racefest 2016 Coverage

Settle in for 25 minutes of historic open-wheeler action with this excellent coverage of Sydney Retro Racefest from our coverage partners Blend Line TV.

The video features the trophy races and some behind-the-scenes highlights from Formula Ford, Groups M & O Racing & Sports, Formula Vee, Q & R Racing & Sports and Formula 5000 on Sydney Retro Racefest’s raceday Sunday. It’s packed with great racing highlighted by the erudite and exciting commentary of Daniel Beckinsale and John Young.

This episode was originally broadcast on Aurora on Monday, the 4th of July at 8:30PM and will run again on Tuesday the 5th of July at 3PM and then Friday the 8th of July at 8PM.

Heritage Touring Cars, Group S and Group N races will be broadcast next week at the same times, and the telecast will be made available on YouTube at the same time. Tune in to Aurora at 8:30PM on Monday the 11th of July, 3PM on Tuesday the 12th of July and 8PM on Friday the 15th of July and keep an eye right here as we’ll be bringing you the coverage as soon as it’s available.

Race to your TVs for the Retro Racefest Recap

Sydney Retro Racefest 2016

Sydney Retro Racefest is heading to your TVs, YouTube and Facebook starting from this evening, Monday the 4th of July.

Coverage of the open wheel categories of Sydney Retro Racefest will air tonight, Monday the 4th of July, on Aurora at 8:30PM. For Foxtel subscribers, Aurora can be found on channel 183.

Once the broadcast airs the telecast will be available for viewing on YouTube thanks to our coverage partners Blend Line TV. We will update this page with the video once it is available.

The broadcast will be repeated on Aurora on Tuesday the 5th of July at 3PM and then Friday the 8th of July at 8PM.

Heritage Touring Cars, Group S and Group N races will be broadcast next week at the same times, and the telecast will be made available on YouTube at the same time. Tune in to Aurora at 8:30PM on Monday the 11th of July, 3PM on Tuesday the 12th of July and 8PM on Friday the 15th of July.

In the meantime, head to Blend Line TV’s Facebook page here for some great footage to keep you entertained until the broadcast.


Sydney Retro Racefest Car Profile: The Army Reserve XD Falcon Group C

Army Reserve XD Falcon Group C

Frank Binding’s Army Reserve XD Falcon Group C will be unleashing its magnificently-liveried muscle upon Sydney Retro Racefest this June 11th and 12th Queen’s Birthday long weekend.


Video Preview: The VHRR’s 2016 Phillip Island Classic

Phillip Island Classic

The VHRR’s Phillip Island Classic is coming up this 11th to 13th of March, 2016, and they’ve put together a magic promo for us to enjoy in the lead-up to the event.

The event will bring together more than five hundred historic racing and sports cars from Formula 1 and Formula 5000, to historic Australian touring cars, Can Am, sports cars and more in a smorgasbord of historic racing action.

Hit play on the video below to get the low down on the historic racing celebrations, and head to the VHRR’s official site for more information.

Video & Gallery: Alan Hamilton, Tony Loxley and Others Speak at September Social Night

Alan Hamilton Social Night by Bill Forsyth

Images: Bill Forsyth

Our recent September 16th social night featured talks by Alan Hamilton, Tony Loxley and others involved in the Tasman Cup between 1964 and 1975. Everyone involved spoke well, sharing fascinating insights and wonderful stories that we thoroughly enjoyed. Their talks were captured by Brian Caldersmith and, happily, we are now able to share them with you through the wonders of YouTube!

We’re also pleased to share with you some photos from the evening by Bill Forsyth. Take a browse through the gallery, hit play on the video below, and enjoy!

Photo Gallery: 2015 Ringwood Hillclimb

HSRCA Ringwood Hillclimb

Image: Ian Fletcher

We’re back from our first hillclimb event, the Ringwood Hillclimb, and have a wonderful set of photographs for you to enjoy thanks to Ian Fletcher!

MG Car Club Newcastle’s Ringwood facility just north of Raymond Terrace was the venue for the event, and we would like to send a huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to them for their magnificent venue as well as their invaluable assistance with timing, clerk of course duties, secretary duties and other officials.

Twenty cars took part in the event and were able to complete an impressive total of 180 runs over the day. Some rain in the morning and after lunch slowed proceedings a touch, but did little to dampen everyone’s enjoyment of the day.

FTD went to Laurie Griffiths in a Porsche 911. The oldest car running up the hill was a 1931 Alvis.

Midday saw the arrival of those who took part in the HSRCA club plate run to the venue and we were pleased to have more friends joining in the socialising after their morning’s adventures.

Thanks to everyone involved!

For a lovely selection of photos from the morning please head to our ‘Gallery’ page, or hit the handy link below.

2015 Ringwood Hillclimb: Ian Fletcher

Photography by, and thanks to, Ian Fletcher.

Get Fired up for the 2014 Tasman Trophy with this TVC

Tasman Trophy 2014

We’re just about a week away from the start of the 2014 Tasman Trophy, and that’s pretty exciting!

To keep you going until then, we have this action-packed little trailer for the weekend. Hit play, and enjoy!

Hop On Board a Nota Major with Dick Willis

Dick Willis Racing

Hop on board with Dick Willis in his 1960 Nota Major for the opening laps of Race 6 in J, K and L at our recent Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics.

Driving and video thanks to Dick Willis.

Historic Hot Laps: Phillip Island & Sydney Motorsport Park Brabham Circuit


We’re off to Wakefield Park for a spot of historic motorsport in a few weeks and to get you in the mood we have some great on-board footage from Group M & O ace, Damon Hancock.

The first video takes you on board around Phillip Island from the Phillip Island Classic earlier in the year for some very hot laps, and the second changes gears for a wet race at our previous event, the HSRCA’s Historic Winter at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Enjoy, and thanks to Damon Hancock for sending through his videos!

Video: On Board with Mark Lowings in Formula Ford for the Leffler Trophy at the Tasman Revival

On-board Formula Ford

Hop on board with Mark Lowings for a brilliant dice with Tom Tweedie in this video from Sunday’s Formula Ford feature race at the 2012 Tasman Revival.

If you have video from the Tasman Revival which you would like to share on the website, just send a quick email to and let us know!

Winter Historics Wrap Up, Photos and Video

Historic Racing at Sydney Motor Sport Park

It’s time to settle down for some traditional post-race-meeting reminiscing with our first photo galleries from the weekend and an excellent video from Matt Hart to tell the tale of our Winter Historics at Sydney Motor Sport Park .

We were greeted with beautiful and warm winter sunshine on Saturday morning, which set the mood for a warm and lighthearted weekend of historic racing, tinkering with cars and spending some quality time with quality people.

winter at the park from Matt Hart

There were a few stop and starts on Sunday, but overall the racing was clean and entertaining and drivers did an excellent job of keeping all four wheels on the black stuff. It’s always a thrill to see and hear these lovely old machines out doing what they do best, so thanks for getting out there with us!

Historic Racing at Sydney Motor Sport Park

As always the feature Group S endurance races were great fun – closely competed right through to the end and an energetic, collaborative atmosphere.

Historic Racing at Sydney Motor Sport Park

The pits and paddock, always full of beautiful machines and buddies old and new, were a delight to explore. If you’re new to historic racing (or if you’ve been doing it your whole life), make sure to spend some time wandering, checking out the cars and chatting to the drivers. It’s a friendly and fun atmosphere and a great opportunity to get to know some historic sports and racing cars and the people who love them.

A huge and heartfelt ‘THANK YOU!’ to all of the organisers, entrants, spectators and especially the volunteers who make all of this possible. We are extremely grateful for your tireless and selfless support of historic racing and the HSRCA.

It’s the people, friendships and camaraderie that really make these events, so thank you all for getting involved and putting on a great weekend. We can’t wait for Wakefield Park in September!

The first of our photo galleries from the weekend are online and you can check them out on our ‘Photo Gallery‘ page here, or by clicking the handy links below.

HSRCA All Historic Winter Sydney Motor Sport Park 2012: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Winter Sydney Motor Sport Park 2012: Jeremy Braithwaite

We’ll have a lot more great content online soon so make sure to stay tuned to You can also head to our Facebook page at to keep up to date with what’s going on and get to know a great group of people.

We love to promote the work of our many talented mates, so if you have photos, video, or stories from the weekend and would like to share them on the club website, send an email to, or drop by the club Facebook page and say hi.

Huge thanks to Jeremy Braithwaite for sharing his work. Make sure to head to his website here for a whole lot more from the weekend, and to organise prints.

And another huge thanks to Matt Hart for his excellent video winter at the park. Head to his Vimeo channel here to explore the rest of his work.

Photography by Jeremy Braithwaite and Seth Reinhardt

Video by Matt Hart

Photo Gallery: 2012 Phillip Island Classic

The Phillip Island Classic is held by the VHRR in March every year and brings together around 500 historic racing and sports cars for a massive weekend of motorsport at the classic Phillip Island circuit.

Hit this link for the full gallery

Photo Gallery: Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Historic Motorsport at Wakefield Park

Let’s head back to the track for a look at the historic motorsport action at our recent Wakefield Park All Historic Summer event.

Enjoy these photos from Peter Schell, which focus on the action out on the circuit and do an excellent job of capturing the broad range of historic machinery present at historic racing events. Click this link to head to the full gallery.

Thanks to Peter Schell for the photography! You can find more of his work in The Oily Rag and newsletters like Ed Holly’s M & O Racing newsletter.

Check out our other galleries from the weekend at the following links:

Wakefield Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: Wakefield Park Track Action 1

Photo Gallery: Wakefield Park Track Action 2

Videos: On-board at Wakefield Park

Videos: On-board at Wakefield Park

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Let’s go on-board for a driver’s-eye perspective of the historic racing at our recent Wakefield Park All Historic Summer event.

Enjoy the sweet sounds of Paul Armstrong’s 1959 Jewitt Holden GT, John Medley’s tremendous car control in the rain, Paul Hunter’s creative camera angles, some good old fashioned Group N action with Rod Wallace and more!

Thanks to Paul Armstrong, Paul Hunter, John Medley and Rod Wallace for sharing their races, and Wes Dayton for his filming!

Be sure to check out the club’s YouTube channel here for more, and send an email to or stop by our Facebook page if you would like to share some historic racing video.

Hit this link to head to the full story, including the videos!

Previously, at Wakefield Park…

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

We’ve just over two weeks until it’s time for the road trip to Wakefield Park and our first weekend of historic racing for the year. This time out we’ll be running group M & O feature events, along with events for all of our other historic racing categories. We’re excited to get back out to the track and are looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Before we go, let’s take a moment to reminisce about our previous visit to Wakefield Park, which took place in September last year.

We were greeted by a typical Goulburn spring, which produced some exciting and challenging conditions for the drivers, but did little to dissuade them from putting on a weekend of clean and exciting historic racing. We held an Aussie Specials feature event, which was a tremendous success, brought out some lovely and unique cars and kept them very busy out on the circuit. All in all, a fun and friendly weekend!

Click the following links for our wrap-ups, videos and photo galleries from the event:

Wakefield Park Spring Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery by Riccardo Benvenuti: Wakefield Park Spring Historics

Wakefield Park Track Action from Peter Schell and Richard Taylor

Wakefield Park Track Action Gallery from Phillip Clark

Videos: Go On-board for Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Video: On-board Historics at Wakefield Park

Go On-board for Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Cooper T52

Let’s hop into a few historic racing cars for a new perspective on September’s All Historic Spring event at Wakefield Park.

Today’s videos put you in the driver’s seat of a 1949 Supercharged MG TC Special, one of the Aussie Specials that ran in our feature event, and a 1960 Cooper T52 FJ. The MG is driven by Syd Reinhardt and is running in Regularity in this video. The Cooper video puts you right in the action for the start of a JKL race and is steered by Mike Gosbell. Hit the HD button for the best effect!

Thanks to Syd Reinhardt and Mike Gosbell for letting me film their adventures!

As always, drop me an email at, or head to our Facebook page at if you have anything that you would like to share on the club website.

On-board Historics at Wakefield Park

Group Q Historic Wakefield Park

Let’s hop into a few historic racing cars for a new perspective on September’s All Historic Spring event at Wakefield Park.

These on-board videos get you in the hot seat of a 1969 Brabham BT28 for a few laps of a Group M and O race, as well as a 1984 Tiga SC84 for a little Q & R action. It was more than a little nippy and slippery that weekend, so well done to everyone for putting on some quick and clean racing in tricky conditions!

Thanks to Jeff and Joel brown for letting me film their adventures!

As always, drop me an email at, or head to our Facebook page at if you have anything that you would like to share on the club website.

Historic Hot Laps: On-board an Aussie Special

In just over two and a half weeks we’ll be heading out to Wakefield Park for another brilliant weekend of historic motorsport.

Our Spring Historics event will feature an Australian Special theme. We will be running feature races for pre-war and post-war genuine Australian racing specials up to 1961, exclusive regularities for the above groups for cars without C of Ds, lunchtime parades for all eligible cars and a display area for non-competing cars, along with events for our usual selection of beautiful historic sports and racing cars and their drivers.

That’s a lot of historic racing to look forward to!

Until then, jump on board an Aussie Special in this on-board footage of a supercharged 1949 MG Special lapping a damp and slippery Phillip Island. For more video of Aussie Specials in action, hit this link to go on-board with Percy Hunter in a 1947 MG Special.

MG TC Special

Historic Hot Laps: On-Board a 1968 Brabham BT21C

We’re less than a month away from our Wakefield Park Spring Historics event, so it’s time to kick back into gear and get ready for some historic racing!

What better way to do so than to jump on board for a classic dice with Ed Holly in his lovely 1968 Brabham BT21C. Enjoy this footage from race four for M & O sports and racing cars at June’s Eastern Creek Winter Historics event, and click this link for more on-board historics.

We’ll be updating the site frequently over the coming weeks to make sure that you have all the information that you need to get out and have fun racing, watching the action on the track, strolling through the pits & paddock, and enjoying good friends at Wakefield Park, so come back often and keep in touch. Hit the following links for our coverage of the event thus far:

Wakefield Park Spring Historics September 2011 Entry Pack

CAMS Racing License Discount for Autumn Historics at Wakefield Park

Of Aussie Specials and the Fulfilment of Dreams

The Aussie Specials of September’s Wakefield Park Historics