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Come Along and Enjoy the Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park This Weekend

Historic Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

This weekend will see us return to Sydney Motorsport Park for a glorious weekend of summer historic motorsport, and we’d love for you to join us! Let’s take a look at what’s coming up, illustrated by our adventures at June’s Sydney Retro Speedfest.

The event will include a celebration of 50 years of Formula Vee, joined by legends of the racing formula, a feature endurance race for Group S on Sunday morning, the return of J, K and L and, of course, events for the breadth of fifth category historic cars.

Formula Vee races are some of the most consistently exciting that we see at our historic race meetings, and we’ve had a stunning response to our feature events celebrating the category’s half-century.

Along with feature races throughout the weekend, the Vees will be joined by several legends of the category, who will participate in both races and lunchtime demonstration runs. The cars will be housed in a dedicated marquee, and have spilled out to fill the carports opposite.

Historic Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

Moving to cars with roofs – Group S will put on a feature 20-lap endurance race on Sunday morning, and it’s set to be a banger. They hit the 47 car maximum grid in no time, and with such a strong field and their competitive racing, we can’t wait to see what they get up to.

For the first time in the last few years, the men and women of J, K and L will be joining us at Sydney Motorsport Park, and they’ve jumped back in with a spectacular field. These pre-1930s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s historic racing and sports cars are absolutely wonderful, and their drivers aren’t afraid to give them hefty doses of the old right boot on the track, which is just how we like it!

Historic Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

Flipping to the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ll be joined by a group of Formula 5000s that are set to unleash the thunder in our Q & R Racing events. These mighty machines aren’t something you watch – they’re a sensory experience. If you enjoy historic motorsport, Q & R Racing this November is not to be missed.

And that’s just the warm-up! Groups Q & R Sports, N, M & O, Formula Ford and Regularity will all be forming grids of their own, and will keep Sydney Motorsport Park singing throughout the weekend with magnificent historic racing action.

Historic Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

When you need a break from the racing action, the pits and paddock at HSRCA events are about as friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable as you can find. So make sure to take a wander, make a few new friends, catch up with some old ones and get up close and personal with the cars.

The event will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park, and spectator access is not only unparalleled, but affordable!

Tickets will be available at the gate. Full-price entry is $15 on Saturday, $25 on Sunday and $30 for a weekend pass. A family pass is available for $50, kids under 14 may join in for free and a concession pass is available for $20.

Historic Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

We are thrilled to invite you to attend this upcoming event and look forward to putting on a great weekend this 28th & 29th of November. Join us at Sydney Motorsport Park then, for the HSRCA’s 2015 Summer Historics.

To help get into the mood, why not take a look back at the action that took place at our previous visit to Sydney Motorsport Park for the 2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest:

2015 Sydney Retro Speed Fest Wrap-Up and Photo Galleries

Historic Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

2015 Summer Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park: Friday Practice

Friday Practice Sydney Motorsport Park

Friday practice for our 2015 Summer Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park is just a few days away, which makes this a great time to download the practice schedule and get to know the order of events!

Download the Friday practice schedule from the following link, or over on our ‘Events & Entry Forms‘ page:

2015 Summer Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park Friday Practice Programme [PDF]

Sydney Motorsport Park Venue Information

We’re heading off to Sydney Motorsport Park for some summer historics this weekend, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know about getting to, parking at and finding your way around the venue.

First off – the track itself. To get an idea of where everything is, download a venue map from this link [PDF], thanks to Sydney Motorsport Park.

Sydney Motorsport Park is located on Brabham Drive/Ferrers Road at Eastern Creek (see map above). You can get there conveniently by car or by public transport, and plentiful parking is available at the track. For Sydney Motorsport Park’s instructions on getting to the track, hit this link or plug your details in to the Google map above.

Parking on the day should be signposted and officials will guide you to convenient parking locations. The main entrance to the track will be through Gate A. For more detailed instructions see Sydney Motorsport Park’s official website here.

The closest train station to the track is Blacktown and the 724 bus runs to Huntingwood Drive which is a short walk to Gate A. Bus services on the weekend are limited so please plan accordingly.

The ARDC Garage is a friendly and relaxed place to take a break from the action and grab something to eat and drink. It’s located up the first flight of stairs in the pit building right by the dummy grid. Please see the venue map for details.

We’re hoping that Sydney will put on a beautiful summer’s day, so please keep water, sunscreen and a hat with you, and enjoy the historic motorsport action at our 2015 Historic Summer!

Vale Guy Buckingham

Nota tribute meeting in 2002

With great sadness we bring the news of Guy Buckingham’s passing this week. His son Chris has put together a lovely story about his role in the history of motorsport and his achievements with Nota, so read on, and thank you Guy for all that you’ve done for the community and sport.

We will follow this story up with an extensive reflection on Guy’s achievements in the near future, also to appear in The Oily Rag.


2015 Summer Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park: Programme, Entry List & Furthers

Sydney Motorsport Park Programme Entry and Entry List

This time next week we’ll be well into the swing of things for 2015’s Sydney Motorsport Park Summer Historics, which means it’s about time for you to take a look at the programme of events, provisional entry list and further supplementary regulations! They’re available for download below.

The provisional entry list including garage allocations, programme of events and further supplementary regulations are available to download from the links below, or over on our ‘Events & Entry Forms‘ page:

2015 Summer Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park Provisional Entry List [PDF]

2015 Summer Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park Programme of Events [PDF]

2015 Summer Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park Further Supplementary Regulations [PDF]

Reminder! Our 2015 Summer Historics Meeting Is Just Weeks Away!

HSRCA November 2015 Historics

Celebrate 50 years of Formula Vee with legends of the racing formula, enjoy an absolutely packed Group S endurance race on Sunday morning, celebrate the return of J, K and L, and more!

The event will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park over the weekend of the 28th and 29th of November and you can enter through CAMS Motor Event Entry by clicking this link now!

We’re absolutely thrilled with the response we’ve had to our 50 years of Formula Vee celebrations and are excited to present a very strong grid at the meeting. At time of writing just shy of thirty Vees will be taking to the track, and we’re looking forward to some feisty racing!

Vees will have their own marquee over the weekend, and the response has been so strong that they’ll be overflowing into the carports opposite. That said, we can field large grids at Sydney Motorsport Park and more Vees are very much welcome! Come along and celebrate five decades of these great little race cars in very fine company.

Speaking of large grids, we’re completely humbled by Group S’s support of Sunday morning’s 20-lap endurance race. The field has blown past fifty entries, which means that we’re now full-to-bursting and can no longer accept further entries.

If you are interested in competing in Group S and have not yet submitted your entry, please do contact us and we will look for opportunities to squeeze you in as entries settle in the lead-up to the event.

Looking to the older cars, J, K and L have put together a wonderful grid so far and will be making their return to Sydney Motorsport Park in style. We’re thrilled to see them back on the big track in force, and look forward to entries developing over the next few weeks.

On the other end of the technology spectrum, six Formula 5000s are currently set to make exciting additions to Q & R Racing over the weekend. If you have a Formula 5000 or Q & R racing car that’s in need of some track time, this will be a magnificent field to get stuck in to some great wings ’n slicks racing!

Similarly if you have a Q & R Sports car we’d love to see a few more entries in that field. Entries are strong, but just shy of forming a grid on their own – let’s remedy that!

Regularity and M & O grids are both forming up well, meaning there’s some lovely track time to be had with your fellow racers. Get your entries in, and let your buddies know.

Finally, we have plenty of space left in Group N and Formula Ford and would be happy to see more entries from both. Group N is always exciting, and thrives with nice full fields of mirror-to-mirror tin top racing, so let’s get some of that happening!

Similarly, this meeting represents a wonderful opportunity for Formula Ford to form a grid of their own and have some competitive fun running together. We’d love to watch that!

If you have friends or family who you’d like to drive with, pass this on to them and let them know what we’re up to.

We greatly appreciate your support at every meeting and look forward to putting on a wonderful weekend for all of you! Let’s make this meeting a glorious celebration of the sport and send 2015’s historic racing season off in style.

And when it’s all wrapped up, some Christmas Cake and maybe a nap.

See you in four weeks!

Enter through CAMS Motor Event Entry by clicking this link!

Loose Fillings Release ‘Power Without Glory’ & New Website

Power Without Glory

HSRCA member Terry Wright has just released ‘Power Without Glory: Racing the Big-Twin Cooper’, which looks like a great read for anyone interested in the origins of our sport.

Researched across Europe, written and designed in Sydney and finally printed and distributed in Suffolk, Loose Fillings has just published its first book, Power Without Glory: Racing the Big-twin Cooper by Terry Wright.

The book revisits the origins of the modern racing car, whose pedigree can be traced back to dirt track cars in America, cyclecars in Europe and the record-breaking motorcycles of Britain. It shows how these influenced the first Coopers and how they went on to win the drivers’ and constructors’ world titles in 1959 and 1960.

For anyone interested in historic motorsport and the history of motorsport, this looks like an essential addition to the library. Download their flyer here [PDF] for more information.

The Loose Fillings team have also just finished a new website, where they’ll be sharing their wonderful stories covering historic air-cooled racing cars and the immediate post World War 2 revolution in racing car design. Check it out at

‘Power Without Glory: Racing the Big-Twin Cooper is available to buy online at

Winter 2015 Edition of the Oily Rag

The Oily Rag Winter 2015

We are pleased to pass on the news that the Winter 2015 issue of The Oily Rag magazine has been sent to the printers.

The issue contains articles and photos from six different racing events across Australia. These include The HSRCA’s Wakefield Park Spring meeting, VHRR’s Winton meeting, HRCC’s Historic Queensland, Vintage Collingrove, VSCC of WA’s Coalfields 500 and Muscle Car Masters.

Plus, of course, there is a lot more including four pages of classifieds. Keep your eye out at a letter box near you.

Patrick Quinn,
Editor – Oily Rag

Video & Gallery: Alan Hamilton, Tony Loxley and Others Speak at September Social Night

Alan Hamilton Social Night by Bill Forsyth

Images: Bill Forsyth

Our recent September 16th social night featured talks by Alan Hamilton, Tony Loxley and others involved in the Tasman Cup between 1964 and 1975. Everyone involved spoke well, sharing fascinating insights and wonderful stories that we thoroughly enjoyed. Their talks were captured by Brian Caldersmith and, happily, we are now able to share them with you through the wonders of YouTube!

We’re also pleased to share with you some photos from the evening by Bill Forsyth. Take a browse through the gallery, hit play on the video below, and enjoy!

HSRCA Members Enjoy a Day at the Polo – Sydney Gold Cup

HSRCA Sydney Polo Gold Club

Images: Jeremy Braithwaite

Each year the Sydney Polo Club holds their Gold Cup. It’s a relaxed social day in attractive surroundings, and Club members have made it a destination for drive days over the years.

2015 saw members return after a short break, so let’s catch up on what they got up to, thanks to Rick Marks and illustrated beautifully by the images of Jeremy Braithwaite!