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Speedfest to be Broadcast on Fox Sports

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2015

For all those who missed the 2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest episode of the SBS’s Speedweek this past Sunday, a follow-up broadcast will appear on Fox Sports this Thursday, the 23rd of July, 2015 at 4:30pm.

The broadcast will be at 4:30pm on Fox Sports 5 – please check your local guide to confirm time and channel.

A DVD is set to be produced featuring the event, including the original Speedweek broadcast as well as the balance of the Sunday Retro Speedfest races sans commentary. Details on cost and release date will be provided as soon as they’re available, so please check back here soon!

The HRCC’s Historic Torque: July 2015

Historic Queensland 2015

Image: Ian Welsh of Shifting Focus Motorsport Photography

Historic Torque is the official journal of the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland, and is now available for download for July of 2015.

The HRCC’s recent Historic Queensland event is the big feature for this edition, which includes wonderful coverage of the event along with all the news of historic motorsport in Queensland and plenty more to enjoy. Download it from the following link:

HRCC Historic Torque July 2015 [PDF]

And catch up on previous editions with these links:

HRCC Historic Torque June 2015 [PDF]

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Sydney Retro Speedfest to be Broadcast on Speedweek

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest

The 2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest will feature in an episode of SBS’s Speedweek on Sunday the 19th of July, 2015, as well as in a DVD release to follow.

Tune in to SBS on Sunday the 19th of July from 3:30PM to enjoy a special episode of the show featuring our 2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest. The broadcast has been delayed from its normal starting time of 2pm due to the Tour de France, so make sure to tune in at the special time of 3:30pm! Please also confirm the broadcast time with your local guide!

Following that broadcast a DVD will be produced featuring the event. It will include the episode of Speedweek, followed by the balance of Sunday’s Retro Speedfest races without race commentary. Details on cost and release date will be provided as soon as they’re available, so please check back here soon!

Coming Up in Queensland: Historic Queensland 4th & 5th of July

Historic Queensland 2015

If you’re missing historic motorsport now that Sydney Retro Speedfest has been run and won for the year, the HRCC’s Historic Queensland over the 4th and 5th of July, 2015, could be just what you need!

Promoted as Warm and Friendly Warwick, Historic Queensland is sure to be another excellent entry into Australia’s historic racing scene in 2015. Plus you get to head north for a mid-winter top-up of Queensland’s brilliant weather!

The event promises two full days of action on the track, a stunning collection of sports and racing cars from the ’20s all the way through to 1984 and a whole lot more.

For more information head to the HRCC’s website here. Enjoy the weekend, and thank you for your support of historic motorsport in Australia!

To keep you going until the 4th of July, why not grab a copy of the HRCC’s May and June editions of Historic Torque:

HRCC Historic Torque May 2015 [PDF]

HRCC Historic Torque June 2015 [PDF]

Jim Smith & Dave Williamson to Talk at July 15th Social Night

Lotus 38 of Jim Clark

Jim Smith steers the Lotus 38 of Jim Clark down pit road after winning the prestigious Indianapolis 500 in 1965. And yes, that’s a young Allan Moffat pushing in the background. Image thanks to the Jim Smith Collection.

Our next social night is coming up on July the 15th, and will feature talks by Jim Smith, who was Jim Clark’s 1965 Indy 500-winning crew chief, along with Dave Williamson who was at the 2015 event.

The Indianapolis 500 has just been run and won and HSRCA’s intrepid reported Dave Williamson was there to take in some of the action courtesy of a media pass.

Of particular interest this year for fans of older cars were the display laps of Jim Clark’s Lotus 38 that won exactly 50 years ago. The car was driven on this occasion by fellow Scott Dario Franchitti. Dave, in his inimitable style, will show this and other pics gathered as he cruised Gasoline Alley.

As the ads say ‘but wait, there’s more!’ – Australian Jim Smith was crew chief on the Lotus 38 that day in 1965, and will be in attendance to tell of his time with Lotus and racing in USA in the mid 1960s.

We will be holding a raffle on the night, for which Peter Molloy has kindly donated a copy of The Mighty MG Magnette of ’33’, a story of the cars, drivers and the mystery. Its a hefty 465 page coffee table book so it’s well worth getting a handfull of raffle tickets on the night!

A great double header social night coming up on Wednesday, July 15, so make a point of being there. Usual venue, Denistone Sports Club, 59 Chatham Road, West Ryde, starting time is 8pm but arrive early and catch up with friends for a bite and a drink. If you are not a regular social night visitor why not break out and come along for an entertaining night.

2015 Sydney Retro Speed Fest Wrap-Up and Photo Galleries

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

Welcome home, and thanks for helping us put on a magnificent weekend of historic motorsport!

The 2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest was held over the Queens Birthday Long weekend, the 6th and 7th of June, 2015. It was the sophomore running of the event, following up from a very successful inaugural meeting in 2015.

It was also absolutely brilliant, and we’re still buzzing! We’d like to keep that historic racing buzz going just a little bit longer so we’ve put together a wrap-up and set of photo galleries from the event. Join us and take a few minutes to reminisce and catch up on the action.

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

Sydney Retro Speedfest kicked off on Friday with private practice. This gave competitors a chance to get situated, give their cars a warm up and make sure everything was in tip top shape for the weekend’s racing. For ARDC and HSRCA members it was also an opportunity to head to the event a little early, catch up with mates and take a look around while things were a bit quieter. All in all – a very relaxed and social start to the weekend!

Joining us for Friday practice were blue skies, sunshine and some of the nicest winter weather we could possibly have hoped for. Aside from a, frankly freezing, foggy Sunday morning this beautiful weather persisted unabated throughout the weekend, making conditions exceedingly pleasant and, thanks to the low arc of the winter sun, bathing the circuit in a wonderful golden light all weekend long. Symbolic of the golden age of motorsport? Probably.

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

Sydney Retro Speedfest is held on Sydney Motorsport Park’s Gardener circuit, which is the traditional Grand Prix circuit. This is a challenging and exciting circuit, and one on which a lot of important Australian motorsport history has been forged. This makes it the perfect location to host the incredible selection of historic sports and racing car machinery that the event attracts!

We were thrilled to be joined by a vast collection of cars at this year’s event, including many exceedingly rare and storied cars and some which made their Australian historic racing debut at the event. It’s not just the rare and exotic machinery that we love to see, however. The variety of race cars that attend our meetings is tremendous and it reflects competitors’ own histories with racing, as well as a general passion for motorsport that we all share.

Whether you’re into the mighty sportscars of Group C and A, such as the two Porsche 962s and BMW M1 Procar that joined us this weekend, Formula 1 or the Aussie muscle of the Heritage Touring Car Series, or the thrilling racing in Formula Vee and Formula Ford, Group N and Group S, or any and everything in between – you would’ve found more than a few things to be excited about at this year’s Speedfest!

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

Each car was beautifully maintained and immaculately presented, and we’d like to extend our sincere thanks and compliments to every competitor who put in such an impressive effort in doing so and joining us for the meeting. We greatly appreciate your support of our events, and look forward to hosting you at many more in the future!

Things only got better when competitors took to the circuit. The incredible care reflected in the presentation of the cars was equally matched by tenacity on the track. We enjoyed some exceptional races throughout the weekend, with brilliant dices to be found throughout every class and category.

The racing was also respectful and clean with very few incidents taking place during the weekend. That’s an impressive effort considering the passionate racing and wonderful to see. It also makes organisers’ and volunteers’ jobs much more simple and helps us to keep the track singing all weekend and put on a smooth and exciting meeting, so thank you, and congratulations!

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

The track was not the only place where interest and excitement was to be found, however. Amongst historic motorsport’s many great strengths is the access we’re able to offer spectators to competitors and their cars. This weekend was no exception, and the pits and paddock were a wonderful place to spend a few hours wandering, exploring and chatting.

Everyone is friendly and accommodating and it’s lovely to spend the time chatting your way through the event. And let’s face it – the cars and racing are all good fun, but we’re really putting all this work in to catch up with (and compete against) our friends. Thanks to everyone for producing such a lighthearted, social, warm and relaxed atmosphere!

We’d like to thank the many car clubs who got involved in Sydney Retro Speedfest and put on the classic car display. When it comes to immaculately presented classic cars – these guys have it mastered, and this was another great area of the event to explore and enjoy.

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

Our greatest and most heartfelt thanks, however, is always reserved for the many volunteers who make our events possible. An astonishing amount of effort goes into all aspects of these race meetings and none of it would be possible without the very special people who devote their time, talent, energy and passion to giving us the opportunity to play cars with our mates.

We, and I’m sure everyone involved in any way, would like to once again extend our most sincere and heartfelt thanks for everything that you do. Your efforts allow us to have these experiences, and we’re forever grateful. THANK YOU!

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

With that, I think it’s time to quit with the words and get to the pictures! Take a few minutes to click through the links below and enjoy the many photos contributed by the talented photographers who cover our events.

Images thanks to Rob Annesley, Riccardo Benvenuti, Jeremy Braithwaite, Scott Browne, Daniel Chee, Jeremy Dale, Paul Deegan, Matt HartRod Mackenzie, Michelle McCue, Seth Reinhardt, Mark Richards, Bob Ross, Rob Scheeren, Peter Schell and Geoff Russell. Please make sure to click their names to head to their websites for much, much more, to organise prints and to support their work. To get in contact with Seth send him an email at and for Rod Mackenzie email him here.

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Rob Annesley

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Riccardo Benvenuti

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Jeremy Braithwaite

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Scott Browne

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Daniel Chee

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Jeremy Dale

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Paul Deegan

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Matt Hart

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Rod Mackenzie

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Michelle McCue

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Seth Reinhardt

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Mark Richards

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Bob Ross

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Rob Scheeren

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Peter Schell

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest: Geoff Russell

Next up, we’re heading to Wakefield Park in September for our Spring Historic race meeting. We can’t wait to do it all over again, and hope you join us there!

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery

Sydney Motorsport Park Venue Information

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2015 is set to kick off this Friday, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know about getting to, parking at and finding your way around Sydney Motorsport Park.

First off – the track itself. To get an idea of where everything is, download a venue map from this link [PDF], thanks to Sydney Motorsport Park.

Sydney Motorsport Park is located on Brabham Drive/Ferrers Road at Eastern Creek (see map above). You can get there conveniently by car or by public transport, and plentiful parking is available at the track. For Sydney Motorsport Park’s instructions on getting to the track, hit this link or plug your details in to the Google map above.

Parking on the day should be signposted and officials will guide you to convenient parking locations. The main entrance to the track will be through Gate A and parking may be available from Gate B as well. For more detailed instructions see Sydney Motorsport Park’s official website here.

The closest train station to the track is Blacktown and the 724 bus runs to Huntingwood Drive which is a short walk to Gate A. Bus services on the weekend are limited so please plan accordingly.

The ARDC Garage is a friendly and relaxed place to take a break from the action and grab something to eat and drink. It’s located up the first flight of stairs in the pit building right by the dummy grid. Please see the venue map for details.

We’re hoping that Sydney will put on a beautiful winter’s day, so please keep water, sunscreen and a hat with you, and enjoy the historic motorsport action at the 2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest!

Buy Tickets to Sydney Retro Speedfest 2015!

Sydney Retro Speedfest 2015

Spectator passes for Sydney Retro Speedfest 2015 are available for purchase online as well as from the gates on the day. They’re affordable and give you unprecedented access to the cars and stars of historic motorsport, so come along and see what all the fuss is about!

Spectator prices at the gate are as follows:


  • Adult: $28.00
  • Concession: $23.00


  • Adult: $38.00
  • Concession: $28.00


  • Adult: $53.00
  • Concession: $38.00

Children 12 years & Under may enter free of charge, however they must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Head to the Sydney Motorsport Park website here to purchase tickets, or get yours at the gate on the day! We can’t wait to join you for a magic weekend of historic motorsport!


Simpson Race Products to Support Competitors at Speedfest

Simpson Race Products

Simpson Race Products will once again be supporting the Sydney Retro Speedfest and will be conveniently located in the pit/paddock area.

Be on the lookout for the new Simpson/Toorace service trailer in the pit area, from where their great range of personal safety items may be procured. Backgrounds and numbers will also be available, although it’s a good idea to pre-order, brake fluids, race tapes, mirrors, Willans harnesses, the new Tube Bead Roller and other goodies to see out your day will all be available. Or just drop by for a chat about future needs.

Glance through what you might need at or contact Greg pre-event with your request to be brought to the track via either phone, email or Facebook.

Retro Speedfest Race Programmes will also be available from Simpson as will assorted HSRCA stickers, badges and the like.

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Programme of Events & Provisional Entry List

Sydney Retro Speedfest

With the sophomore running of the Sydney Retro Speedfest just two weeks away, it’s time to take a look at who’s going to be racing what during the event, and when!

The provisional entry list and programme of events for the 2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest are available for download from the following links – just right-click and select ‘Save-As':

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Provisional Entry List [PDF]

2015 Sydney Retro Speedfest Programme of Events [PDF]

Keep an eye right here on the HSRCA website, and head to the ‘Entry Forms’ page for more information as it becomes available.