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CAMS: Demystifying the FIA Historic Technical Passport

CAMS Historic Technical Passport

The FIA Historic Technical Passport provides an internationally-accepted specification for vehicles eligible to compete in international historic meetings.

For some time now, the CAMS Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission has been weighting up its inclusion in our own motorsport rules. Their article ‘Demystifying the FIA Historic Technical Passport’ aims to break down what it is, why it’s of value and why we should incorporate into Australian historic motorsport.

It’s well worth taking a few minutes out of your day to read, and you can do so over on CAMS’ website here, or by downloading their document from the following link:

CAMS: Demystifying the Historic Technical Passport [PDF]

Thanks to the CAMS Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission

Introducing September’s Wakefield Park Spring Historics

Historic Racing Wakefield Park

The Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of NSW is holding the Wakefield Park Spring Historic Meeting at Wakefield Park over the weekend of the 24th and 25th of September, 2016, and we would be delighted to have you join us!

The event promises plenty of quality track time and the relaxed, social atmosphere which makes historic racing so enjoyable. A quiet room will be available for family and partners.

Entries will be available soon through the usual channels and should be available from early August.

This meeting will run the weekend following the 40th Anniversary Celebration of All-Historic Racing at Wakefield Park, which is restricted to pre-1962 cars and motorcycles. We will of course, cater for JKL and Sa drivers who wish to compete with us and will offer a discounted entry fee to competitors who compete at both events. In addition, Wakefield Park Management has offered free storage of cars for those wishing to compete at both meetings.

Subject to sufficient grid sizes the meeting should comprise:

  • Races for 5th category groups from JKL up to and including Group QR cars that are suitable to run with Group MO
  • Usual grids for JKL
  • Championship or series rounds for several 5th category groups
  • Team enduro for a regularity grid
  • Give someone else a go, helped by discounting second driver entry in same car
  • Possibly a handicap race for drivers over 65 years of age that draws on cars from several CAMS compatible categories
  • Commentator’s award for best driving performance (not necessarily the fastest) in each category over the weekend
  • Observed licence testing on Friday if sufficient people are interested
  • We may invite a compatible non-5th category group if entry numbers necessitate

The HSRCA has engaged Mark Stockwell as race secretary. He will be known to people who competed at the last HRCC meeting at Morgan Park.

Wakefield Park is working to obtain permission for camping at the site from the relevant government authority. They do not expect approval by our meeting date but we will advise you if that becomes available. If you have motorised accommodation with self-contained ablution please contact us.

We’re looking forward to going racing with you! Stay tuned to the site as entry documentation and further information will be made available in the very near future.

The HRCC’s Historic Torque: July 2016

HRCC July 2016

Image thanks to Ian Welsh Shifting Focus Photography

Historic Torque is the official journal of the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland. The July edition for 2016 has just been sent out, and is available for download here.

This month’s magazine is a bumper 16-page edition in celebration of the 39th Historic Queensland race meeting and features a great report and plenty of photos from the event along with much more.

Download it from the following link:

HRCC Historic Torque July 2016 [PDF]

And catch up on previous editions with these links:

HRCC Historic Torque June 2016 [PDF]

HRCC Historic Torque May 2016 [PDF]

HRCC Historic Torque April 2016 [PDF]

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Video: Tin Top Trophy Races from Sydney Retro Racefest

Sydney Retro Racefest Coverage

Catch up with all of the tin top racing from Sunday at Sydney Retro Racefest thanks to this excellent coverage of the event by our coverage partners Blend Line TV.

This second episode from Racefest covers the Group N, Group S and Heritage Touring Cars trophy races held on Sunday morning at Sydney Retro Racefest. It captures plenty of magnificent historic racing moments, highlighted by the insight excitement of commentators Daniel Beckinsale and John Young.

This episode was originally broadcast on Aurora on Monday, the 11th of July at 8:30PM and will run again on Tuesday the 12th of July at 3PM and then Friday the 15th of July at 8PM.

Formula Ford, Groups M & O Racing & Sports, Formula Vee, Q & R Racing & Sports and Formula 5000 were broadcast last week and we’ll include that video below as well. Enjoy!

June/July Edition of ‘The Preserve’ Available for Download

The Preserve June July 2016

‘The Preserve’ is the Council of Motor Clubs’ newsletter. It’s released on a regular basis and is full of useful information for the motor car enthusiast.

As a CMC affiliated club, it’s available to the HSRCA. So, we have the June/July edition of the newsletter available to download below!

This edition includes important feedback on comprehensive insurance and the conditional registration scheme as well as a vale for FoSC founder and Principal Operator Charlie Jardine, features on the Sunbeam Owners driver to Mount Wilson, the Oasis Club’s June run to the Gosford Classic Car Museum, the Sunbeam National Rally, the Volvo Car Club Observation Trial and more.

Download it here:

The Preserve June/July 2016 [PDF]

Historic Hot Laps: Tom Tweedie in the 1974 Elfin MS7

Tom Tweedie Sydney Retro Racefest

Head back to Sydney Motorsport Park for a few hot laps with Tom Tweedie in the 1974 Elfin MS7.

The car is a 1974 Elfin MS7 which has been a frequent competitor in HSRCA events at the hands of the Tweedies. It’s a one-off aluminium monocoque sports car based on the MS6 Formula 5000. The car weighs in at just 730 kilograms and is pushed around by a mighty 5-litre Repco V8 with Lucas fuel injection.

Garrie Cooper built it to win the Australian Sports Car Championship. He debuted it in 1974 and at the close of the 1975 season had done just that.

This awesome on-board footage comes thanks to Rob Tweedie and features Tom at the wheel of the car at Sydney Retro Racefest.

Video: Open-Wheel Highlights from Sydney Retro Racefest

Sydney Retro Racefest 2016 Coverage

Settle in for 25 minutes of historic open-wheeler action with this excellent coverage of Sydney Retro Racefest from our coverage partners Blend Line TV.

The video features the trophy races and some behind-the-scenes highlights from Formula Ford, Groups M & O Racing & Sports, Formula Vee, Q & R Racing & Sports and Formula 5000 on Sydney Retro Racefest’s raceday Sunday. It’s packed with great racing highlighted by the erudite and exciting commentary of Daniel Beckinsale and John Young.

This episode was originally broadcast on Aurora on Monday, the 4th of July at 8:30PM and will run again on Tuesday the 5th of July at 3PM and then Friday the 8th of July at 8PM.

Heritage Touring Cars, Group S and Group N races will be broadcast next week at the same times, and the telecast will be made available on YouTube at the same time. Tune in to Aurora at 8:30PM on Monday the 11th of July, 3PM on Tuesday the 12th of July and 8PM on Friday the 15th of July and keep an eye right here as we’ll be bringing you the coverage as soon as it’s available.

Race to your TVs for the Retro Racefest Recap

Sydney Retro Racefest 2016

Sydney Retro Racefest is heading to your TVs, YouTube and Facebook starting from this evening, Monday the 4th of July.

Coverage of the open wheel categories of Sydney Retro Racefest will air tonight, Monday the 4th of July, on Aurora at 8:30PM. For Foxtel subscribers, Aurora can be found on channel 183.

Once the broadcast airs the telecast will be available for viewing on YouTube thanks to our coverage partners Blend Line TV. We will update this page with the video once it is available.

The broadcast will be repeated on Aurora on Tuesday the 5th of July at 3PM and then Friday the 8th of July at 8PM.

Heritage Touring Cars, Group S and Group N races will be broadcast next week at the same times, and the telecast will be made available on YouTube at the same time. Tune in to Aurora at 8:30PM on Monday the 11th of July, 3PM on Tuesday the 12th of July and 8PM on Friday the 15th of July.

In the meantime, head to Blend Line TV’s Facebook page here for some great footage to keep you entertained until the broadcast.


Join Us for the July 20th Social Night with Joel Wakely

Legends of the 48-215

‘Legends of the 48-215’ by Joel Wakely

Joel Wakely, author of ‘Legends of the 48-215’ will join us at our July 20th Social Night to tell more of the story.

Our next social evening will be held on Wednesday the 20th of July at Denistone Sports Club, and feature Joel Wakely presenting his book and tales from the era.

You’ve read the book review in the latest Oily Rag, page 58, now come and hear Joel tell more of the story and pick up a copy of your own. ‘Legends of the 48-215’ is a great read that’s centered around the story of preparing a 48-215 Holden for Spencer Martin and Barry Seton to race in the 1963 to 1965 period.

Hear about time spent with Lorenzo Bandini and the Cooper Maserati at the Boomeraing Service Station in Strathfield and a whole lot more on July 20th at Denistone Sports Club from 7:30PM. Come along a little early for a meal, a drink and a catch-up.

Denistone Sports Club is located at 59 Chatham Road, West Ryde.

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Wrap-Up and Photo Galleries

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

We’re back in the real world after a brief trip back in time to the golden age of motorsport with this weekend’s Sydney Retro Racefest, and that makes it prime time to reminisce and check out some photos!

Thank you to everyone who got involved in the event and helped to put on two action-packed, welcoming and fun days of historic racing! 2016’s Sydney Retro Racefest was held over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, the 11th and 12th of June, and saw a brilliant collection of historic sports and racing cars gather at Sydney Motorsport Park for a jam-packed weekend of racing.

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

We kicked off on Friday with practice, which gave competitors a chance to get settled in, catch up with friends and make sure their cars were nicely sorted for the weekend’s racing.

Entrants did an awe-inspiring job preparing their cars, as they always do, and each and every machine was something to behold. They looked magnificent in the long rays of the winter sun, which thankfully shone on us unabated throughout the weekend – a very welcome change from the typhonic weather just a week prior!

The work we see is undoubtedly the tip of the iceberg of what goes into preparing for and running these events, and we’re extremely grateful for all that competitors do to get involved, as well as the care with which they do so.

We were pleased to be joined by a varied and storied collection of motor cars at Racefest, from the very exotic to the workhorses which fueled Australian motorsport in its formative and golden years. It’s lovely to see such variety in the cars which race with us, as it is the verve with which they are raced!

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

This year the event was headlined by the magnificent Australian muscle of the Heritage Touring Car series, and the legends of Bathurst did not disappoint. Drivers race door to door with all the vigor of the cars’ careers in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, but with a level of respect, neatness and professionalism that makes them a joy to watch and to host.

Despite a few racing incidents throughout the weekend, racing was similarly exciting and respectful throughout all of our categories – Q & R Racing & Sports and F5000, Group M & O Racing & Sports and Formula Vee, Formula Ford, Group N, Group S, Regularity and the aforementioned Group C & A touring cars of the Heritage Touring Cars Series.

Thank you to the drivers for respecting each other, leaving racing room and providing a safe, fun and social environment in which to race our historic cars. And for putting on a magnificent show for those of us who aren’t behind the wheel!

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

Speaking of a magnificent show – the excitement of a historic race meeting is not just found out on the track. We take great joy in providing unrivaled access for spectators to competitors and their cars. Retro Racefest 2016 was no exception, and the pits and paddock of the event were wonderful to hang out in.

The historic racing community is exceptionally friendly and social, so a wander through the pits always involves many a stop to catch up with friends, or make some new ones – and that’s what it’s all about really! Thank you for building such a warm and welcoming community and making the atmosphere at HSRCA events exceedingly pleasant.

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

Mercedes-Benz Parramatta, Sydney Retro Racefest’s major sponsors, set up an excellent display in the paddock, and brought along some particularly nice toys including one very exciting looking AMG race car. We will forgive them for the unexpected desires and potential lightening of the pocketbook that this has resulted in.

We would also like to thank them for providing the safety car for the weekend!

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

Club Lotus Australia and Simply Sports Cars were responsible for another excellent display in the paddock. The display featured six absolutely gorgeous Lotus Elevens, there to celebrate the model’s 60th birthday, as well as the brand new Lotus Evora 400 and a selection of classic and modern Lotuses. The Elevens in particular were lovely to see, both in the display and out in Regularity, and with some coming all the way from Queensland we’d like to send a special thank you to those involved.

We would also like to thank the car clubs who put on the classic car display as you entered the facilities. The response to this was magnificent, even surpassing 2015’s efforts, and we loved checking out the immaculately presented classic cars. Another relaxed and social area to explore and chat cars, life and everything!

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest

As always, we finish on our most important thanks. Historic motorsport is made possible by many talented and dedicated volunteers, and we owe all of this to them. A huge amount of work goes into every aspect of a race meeting like this, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without the volunteers who dedicate their time, talent and love to giving us this opportunity to get together and go racing.

THANK YOU from everyone involved for giving us these opportunities and keeping us safe, and for all that you give to this sport and its community!

With that said, I imagine you’re well and truly ready to get to the photos! Take a few minutes to click through the links below and enjoy the many photos contributed by the talented photographers who cover our events.

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Glenn Albert

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Jeremy Braithwaite

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Jeremy Dale

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Rod Mackenzie

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Brent Murray

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Seth Reinhardt

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Mark Richards

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest: Stuart Row

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest Podiums by Peter Schell

Images thanks to Glenn AlbertJeremy Braithwaite, Jeremy Dale Rod MackenzieBrent Murray, Seth Reinhardt, Mark RichardsStuart Row and Peter Schell. Please click their names to click through to their websites for more, to organise prints and to support their work. To get in contact with Seth, Jeremy or Peter, send Seth an email at

Once you’ve enjoyed the photos, make sure to hit play on the videos below to enjoy Blend Line TV’s fantastic coverage of Sunday’s trophy races.

Next up, we’re heading to Wakefield Park in September for our Spring Historic race meeting. We can’t wait to do it all over again, and hope you join us there!

Sydney Retro Racefest is proudly presented by Mercedes-Benz Parramatta and powered by

2016 Sydney Retro Racefest