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2015 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Gallery

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Welcome home!

We’re freshly-returned from our first historic racing weekend of 2015, and with a few days’ recovery under our belts it’s time to take a look back at the action and check out some photos.

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Our 2015 Wakefield Park Summer Historics race meeting was held at Wakefield Park over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of February. With no set theme for the event, it was held as a relaxed opportunity to get back into historic motorsport, catch up with mates and give the cars their first run for the year.

All these things, it did with aplomb!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Goulburn treated us with weather that, while hardly the full brunt of summer, was absolutely perfect for a weekend’s racing. Cool and gentle, only the last few races on Saturday afternoon were affected by some light rain. Well done to the drivers who braved the track at that point as the rain made for some very slippery conditions!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

And in a fair trade, we treated Goulburn with a full field of around 160 historic racing and sports cars representing the full depth and variety of the sport. We kept that field busy, with races held back-to-back all weekend long.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, some very thorough organisation, wonderful management and clean racing, these events ran exceptionally smoothly with nary a blip to be heard in the song of historic race motors throughout the weekend. We’d like to thank everyone involved for helping us to put on one of the smoothest and most efficient events we’ve experienced yet.

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

As mentioned no specific theme was set for this event, which made for a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of great racing throughout the varied field and lots of happy socialising through the pits and paddock.

A few minutes’ stroll through the pits and paddock inevitably became many minutes thanks to the friendliness and openness of everyone present. This atmosphere is something which we’re thrilled graces our events and we’re thankful for everyone’s role in nurturing it.

If you haven’t come along to enjoy a historic race meeting before, make sure to stroll through the pits and paddock when you do – you’re sure to leave a few friends richer!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Speaking of a few friends richer, were joined this weekend by the Heritage Touring Cars series, who unleashed the mighty Group C and A Australian Touring Cars upon Wakefield Park. These more modern machines were spectacular to watch and we’re looking forward to hosting another round of their championship at Sydney Retro Speedfest in June!

Every single historic sport and racing car to be found at the event was, as always, immaculately prepared and presented. They were also beautifully driven, with the women and men who support these events putting on clean and exciting historic racing all weekend long and creating a wonderful friendly buzz throughout the pits and paddock. You are all a credit to the sport and we’re very grateful for your support and your respectful and friendly approach to it!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

We are also most grateful for the support of the many wonderful, talented and dedicated volunteers who make all of this possible at all. A huge amount of time and talent is invested behind the scenes of all of our events and their success is down to you.

We, and everyone involved in our events, would like to send a heartfelt, immense and everlasting thanks to all of you. As always, you have gone above and beyond to keep us all safe and bring happiness to others. THANK YOU!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

With that, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and spend a few minutes relaxing and reminiscing with these photo galleries from the historic racing at Wakefield Park. Click through the handy links below, and enjoy!

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Steve Koen

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Brent Murray

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Graham Olde

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Seth Reinhardt

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Peter Schell

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Richard Taylor

Thanks to Steve Koen, Brent Murray, Graham Olde, Peter Schell, Richard Taylor and Seth Reinhardt for sharing their work. Head to Brent’s Facebook page here for more, Richard Taylor’s website here for more and email Seth here if you’re looking for anything from him, Graham, Peter or Steve.

We love to promote the work of our many talented mates, so if you have photos, video, or stories from the weekend and would like to share them on the club website, send an email to, or drop by the club Facebook page and say hi.

Up next we head to Sydney Motorsport Park over the 6th & 7th of June for Sydney Retro Speedfest. We can’t wait to get out there and do it all again!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Sunday 22nd of March Club Plate & Members Run

On Sunday the 22nd of March we’re going to hold a Club Plate & Members Run in conjunction with the Ringwood Hillclimb to be held on the same day.

While we do not want to deter entrants in the hillclimb, we do want to provide an opportunity  for those who may not want to enter the competition but would still like to have a nice run up north in their club plate or interesting modern classic/sports car.

It’ll be an opportunity to go for a run, take a look at the complex, enjoy the on-track action and have a picnic lunch with some good friends.

For the run itself we’ll meet at the old toll gates at Berowra at 9.30am for a 10am depart. This will mean we should be at Ringwood Park by 12 noon for an early lunch. At this stage you should plan to bring your own lunch – we will update you on availability of food locally in due course.

If you are interested in this run please contact Rick Marks as soon as possible.

Pat Burke to Speak at HSRCA 18th of March Social Meeting

LOLA photo

Forty years ago this February, Warwick Brown became the first Australian to win the Tasman Series. Patron and team owner Pat Burke was behind this effort, and will present many previously unseen photos at our social meeting on Wednesday the 18th of March.

The Tasman Series was comprised of eight races held in New Zealand and Australia, frequented by the Formula 1 elite of the era. Many locals like KB, Frank Matich, Max Stewart and John McCormack had tried to crack the series, but not succeeded.

New Zealanders Graham McRae, Graeme Lawrence and Chris Amon, however, had suceeded.

It took the talents of Warwick Brown, Peter Molloy, John Wright (later a Formula 5000 driver himself), Phil Harris and a couple gofers to get the job done, and even then it came down to a three way battle at the last race at Sandown to decide a winner. The drama went right down to the last lap!

Patron and team owner Pat Burke was behind this effort, and will present many previously unseen photos at our social meeting on Wednesday the 18th of March. All going well, the whole team will be along as well.

So join us at Denistone Sports Club at 59 Chatham Road, West Ryde, for a wonderful evening of historic motorsport tales, along with dinner and a drink beforehand.

There will be brief HSRCA business at 7:30PM and we’ll kick off at 8PM.

Garry Simkin
Social Secretary

Previously, at Wakefield Park..

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

This time next week we’ll be kicking off practice for our Summer Historics at Wakefield Park, so let’s take a moment to warm up by reminiscing about our previous trip to Wakefield Park in September of 2014.

But first – a reminder of what next weekend’s all about!

Mostly, good times and great classic racing! It’s our first event for the year and as such we’ve decided not to run a specific theme for the weekend. We’re leaving it open to provide a wonderful opportunity to catch up with good friends, relax, socialise and get back into playing with historic race cars after the holiday break.

Joining us over the weekend are the ladies and gentlemen of the Heritage Touring Cars series, who are kicking their 2015 championship off at the event.

The Heritage Touring Cars series is a six round series featuring genuine Group C and A touring cars which did battle in Australian touring car racing between 1973 and 1992. These machines are an absolute marvel on the track and will be driven hard, and the HSRCA is thrilled to host a round of their championship once again.

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Our previous historic racing adventure at Wakefield Park was in September, 2014, the to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first meeting at the magnificent circuit.

As we said after the event, Wakefield Park did its level best to court us with its country majesty. The surrounding hills were green and rolling, yellow canola fields sat snugly at their feet and pristine blue skies soared above, occasionally spotting themselves with puffy white clouds to add a little whimsy to the backdrop. Add to that the finest weather we can imagine this occasionally-cantankerous part of the world mustering, and we had all the makings for a perfect weekend.

Group J, K and L were our feature category for the weekend, and as always were an utter delight. As were the full entry of 5th category historic cars who joined us for a respectful and fun weekend of historic motorsport.

Catch up on all the historic racing action in the wrap-up, photo galleries and links below. We can’t wait to do it all again next weekend!

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting Wrap Up and Gallery

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Graham Olde

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Seth Reinhardt

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Bob Ross

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Peter Schell

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Richard Taylor

Video: Hop On Board a Nota Major with Dick Willis

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

2015 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Programme, Entrants List and Garages

Historic Racing Wakefield Park

The red lights are set to go out for the HSRCA’s 2015 historic motorsport season next weekend on Saturday the 21st of February, and you can now get up to speed on what’s happening when, and who’s going to be doing it!

The provisional entry list, programme of events and garage allocations are now available to download from the website.

Hit the following links, or head to our ‘Events & Entry Forms‘ page to grab them:

2015 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Programme of Events [PDF]

2015 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Provisional Entry List [PDF]

2015 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Further Supplementary Regulations [PDF]

Join us for the HSRCA Ringwood Park Hillclimb this March

Ringwood Park Hillclimb

On Sunday the 22nd of March, 2015, we’re holding a new hillclimb event for HSRCA members, family and friends at Ringwood Park Hillclimb. We’re always looking for new opportunities for our community to enjoy their competition cars and each other’s company, so we’d like to invite you to come along, give it a go and let us know what you think!

You will be racing the clock at the Ringwood Park Hillclimb, just 12 kilometres north of Raymond Terrace, and chasing down the circuit’s 28.13 second record. No one else will be on the track at the same time as you.

You will need at minimum a Level 2 Speed CAMS licence. Level 2 Speed (L2S) licences are easily obtained from CAMS by downloading a form from the CAMS website. Here is the direct link:

There are a few special things that you will need to do to your car, along with apparel you will need. Those details can be found in the accompanying paperwork.

If you are keen to be involved, and we really hope you are, please complete the entry documentation and forward it to the association’s office as soon as you can.

Click here to download the 2015 Ringwood Park Hillclimb Entry Form
Click here to download the 2015 Ringwood Park Hillclimb Supplementary Regulations

The inaugural running of this event is intended as a benefit for HSRCA members, but if you have family or friends who would like to come along, we’d love to include them! And if you’re not a member yet, why not become one? Positions will be somewhat limited, so please enter as soon as possible if you’re interested. Additional entries will be accommodated as numbers allow.

The final step is to turn up on competition day and be ready to have the most fun you had in quite some time… legally.

As always, we appreciate your support and hope that you enjoy this opportunity!

Yours sincerely,
The HSRCA Ringwood Hillclimb Team

HSRCA celebrates the 90th birthday of Patron Ron Tauranac AO

Ron Tauranac AO 90th Birthday Celebration

The Historic Sports and Racing Car Association celebrate the 90th birthday of Ron Tauranac, HSRCA patron and the world’s most prolific and successful racing car designer.

Ron Tauranac along with his friend Jack Brabham formed Motor Racing Developments in 1960 with the aim of building racing cars under the Brabham name. From then to 1972 a total of 592 Brabham cars were built, with each of them carrying the suffix – BT or Brabham Tauranac. Jack Brabham won the 1966 World Championship in a car designed by Ron Tauranac as did Denny Hulme the following year.

After Ron Tauranac sold Brabham to Bernie Ecclestone in 1971, he reintroduced the name he first used from the early 1950s. Between 1975 and 1993 a total of 1,051 Ralts (Ron and Austin Lewis Tauranac) were produced. Nineteen race cars were also built for Honda for their race school. With over 1,662 competition cars produced it clearly makes Ron Tauranac the most prolific and successful producer of racing cars in the history of Motor Sport. As to Ron’s forward thinking, Mike Lawrence noted in his 1999 publication Brabham, Ralt, Honda – The Ron Tauranac Story, published by Motor Racing Publications “Let’s not forget that it was Ron Tauranac, not Colin Chapman, who first ran a Formula One car with wings at a Grand Prix meeting.”

Ron Tauranac AO 90th Birthday Celebration

On Tuesday 13 January, Ron’s actual birthdate, the HSRCA celebrated his birthday in style in Parramatta Park, west of Sydney. The restaurant was appropriately chosen as just metres from its door was what used to be the Parramatta Park motor racing circuit where Ron raced his early air-cooled Ralt cars in 1951.

Over 100 of Ron’s friends attended the lunch and later heard words of congratulations from the likes of Dan Gurney, Nigel Mansell, Patrick Head, Gordon Murray, Tony Brooks, Bernie Ecclestone, John Judd, Eddie Jordan, Ron Dennis and Neil Trundle.

Following on, David Kent, the acting President of the HSRCA presented Ron with a specially published book containing a collection of photos and other memorabilia dating from the early 1950s through to the present day.

Ron Tauranac is not one to seek attention and keeps his words to a minimum. In response he said “I just can’t believe it! Thank you everyone for coming.”

For further information:

The next issue of The Oily Rag will contain the full story along with the text of the congratulatory words Ron received from around the world.

Hit this link to our gallery page to check out a series of photos from the lunch.

The HRCC’s Historic Torque: January 2015

Autumn Historic Warwick

Historic Torque is the official journal of the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland, and is now available for download for January of 2015.

This edition kicks off with a look forward to the HRCC’s Try, Train, Test and Supersprint weekend, looks to the Autumn Historic Warwick and July’s Historic Queensland, and a whole lot more. Download it from the following link:

HRCC Historic Torque January 2015 [PDF]

And catch up on previous editions with these links:

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Help: Hardman Formula Two Historic Group R race car stolen from Knoxfield, Victoria

Hardman Formula Two Historic Group R

Any assistance or information regarding the theft of a Hardman Formula Two Historic Group R race car from Knoxfield, Victoria in August of 2014 would be appreciated. Please see below for details, and contact Ian Carrig on

Hardman Formula Two Historic Group R race car stolen from Knoxfield, Victoria last August.

The car may possibly be stripped for parts, but a lot of the parts are specific to that car.

Fitted with a Golf engine and Hewland Mk9.

Ian advised that the thieves stripped the trailer bare and took the race car, spare Golf engine, spare head and nine spare wheels. They even took all the pit equipment including the lap board.

Along with the Hewland was a spare ratio box with 15 ratios and another box with Hewland set up jigs.

They unbolted the spare engine, the grinder, vice, electric winch, air hose reel along with two aluminum ramps and quick lift jacks.

The thieves also broke into the storage locker and stole the long heavy duty lead, work lights, stands and other bits and pieces.

Ian asks if HSRCA members could be on the lookout for the above mentioned parts, and of course the car. Thank you!

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.29

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.29

Image: Peter Schell

Start your 2015 in style with Ed Holly’s first M & O Newsletter for the year, now available to download from the club website.

This edition wraps up 2014’s historic motorsport news with a mammoth report from Travis Engen about their 2014 Tasman Tour, recaps of the 2014 WA All Historics, Historic Sandown and our recent Tasman Trophy meeting, a wander through the pits, news and a whole lot more.

It’s packed with photos aplenty and wonderful stories, and makes for a brilliant read. Download it from the link below, and enjoy!

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.29 [PDF]

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