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The Oily Rag: Holiday Reading

The Oily Rag

The next issue of the HSRCA’s quarterly magazine The Oily Rag is now with the printers and depending on the vagaries of the post office, you should receive your copy soon.

As usual this issue covers a number of historic race meetings including the HSRCA’s recent Wakefield Park meeting, VHRR meetings at both Winton and Sandown, the HRCC’s Noosa Hillclimb as well as the Rob Roy and Collingrove Hillclimbs.

Perhaps you missed spending the evening with Tim Schenken when he came along to talk to HSRCA members back on Wednesday 3rd December? Not to worry as within this issue of The Oily Rag is the text of Tim’s talk along with a selection of photos.

We trust you will enjoy the next issue of The Oily Rag, so keep an eye on your letter box for your copy!

The HRCC’s Historic Torque: December

Ivan Tighe

Image thanks to Speedcafe

Historic Torque is the official journal of the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland, and is now available for download for December of 2014.

This edition begins by looking forward to 2015’s events, celebrates the life of Ivan Tighe, catches up on everything going on in Queensland’s historic racing community and a whole lot more. Download it from the following link:

HRCC Historic Torque December 2014 [PDF]

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Loose Fillings #48

Loose Fillings 48

About three times a year Garry Simkin and Terry Wright put out a newsletter called ‘Loose Fillings’, which chronicles the many adventures of historic air-cooled racing cars from the 1950s.

The latest edition has just been sent out, and is now available for download right here! This edition chronicles the pioneers of air-cooled racing and looks at the influence of Ron Tauranac, discusses Australian dampers from Ikon, explores chains for air-cooled racing with Chas, and more from the world of historic air-cooled racing cars from the ’50s.

Download it from the following link, and enjoy!

Loose Fillings #48 [PDF]

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JKL Newsletter November 2014

JKL Newsletter

Mal Reid’s latest JKL newsletter has gone out to fans of pre-1930s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s historic racing and sports cars, and is now available for you to peruse on the Club website. Just hit the link below, and enjoy!


A Huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to Wes Dayton

Wes Dayton

We are thrilled to announce that Wes Dayton was awarded an honorary life membership to the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of NSW at the Tasman Trophy on Saturday.

The honorary life membership was awarded for Wes’ exceptional and sustained contribution to the club over many years.

Wes works tirelessly to maintain, care for and promote the club, its members and its events, and we’re sure most of you will have enjoyed his help and friendship through your dealings with the club.

Wes your contributions to this club are immeasurable. We are endlessly grateful for all that you do and to be so lucky to call you a friend. THANK YOU!

“Amongst the various Presidents that Wes has assisted, not many of us have really been computer literate, nor are, or were, we not hard task masters!”

“Wes has worked with a lot of differing requirement through his time with the Club. Not only has he administered the Club, but he also took over the role of Editor of the Oily Rag after the late John Sexton retired from that position.”

“In my term as Treasurer and President, Wes has been a massive help in so many ways. Thank you Wes!” – David Medley

Wes Dayton

Join the HSRCA in 2015 for a Golden Year of Historic Sports and Racing Cars

Historic Racing 2015

Fresh from a brilliant Tasman Trophy weekend, the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of New South Wales is pleased to provide a full four-event historic racing calendar for 2015.

Wakefield Park and Sydney Motorsport Park will again share hosting duties in 2015, with two events at each throughout the course of the year.

Wakefield Park is up first with the HSRCA’s Historic Summer event over the weekend of the 21st-22nd of February, with pre-practice held on Friday the 20th. Surely a brilliant opportunity to get back into historic motorsport and catch up with friends after the holiday period.

The Heritage Touring Cars series will join us over the weekend, kicking off their 2015 championship season at the event.

The Heritage Touring Cars series is a six round series featuring genuine Group C and A touring cars which did battle in Australian touring car racing between 1973 and 1992. These machines are an absolute marvel on the track and will be driven hard, and the HSRCA is thrilled to host a round of their championship once again.

Held in collaboration between the HSRCA and the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, Sydney Retro Speedfest will take over Sydney Motorsport Park on 6th-7th June, the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

The event’s inaugural running in 2014 proved hugely popular with drivers and spectators alike. Drivers in Groups C & A, Group N, Group S, Formula Ford, Formula Vee, M&O, Q&R and Regularity enjoyed unprecedented track time resulting in high-quality racing and a brilliant weekend for all involved. We are thrilled to make this opportunity available to everyone once again in 2015.

Sydney Retro Speedfest will play host to round three of the Heritage Touring Car 2015 championship season.

The second half of the year will see the Club heading back to Wakefield Park for our Historic Spring meeting. This meeting will include feature races for pre and post-WW2 historic sports and racing cars in Groups J, K and L, as well as an enduro event for Regularity.

Feature events for our early cars are well-supported and a favourite in the calendar, and it’s always a joy to see these beautifully-prepared cars driven in a spirited fashion, as well as to explore them up close in the pits and paddock, and meet and chat with the people who care for and drive them.

The Regularity enduro will see teams of three drivers nominate the number of laps that they will complete in a test of endurance and consistency.

Mark the 19th-20th September 2015 in your diaries and look forward to a wonderful weekend’s historic racing.

The HSRCA’s 2015 historic racing calendar will conclude with a premiere event at Sydney Motorsport Park over the 28th-29th of November.

In addition to these weekend-long competition events, HSRCA track days at Marulan will make their return in 2015. These non-competition events feature time trials and driver training for members, family and friends of the HSRCA and promise a lot of fun in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Stay tuned for more information as dates are confirmed.

The HSRCA will also provide a full programme of social events throughout 2015. These will range from the popular ‘Club Plate Runs’ through to Social Meetings with special guest speakers. Watch this space for more details!

The HSRCA is both pleased and proud to once again provide a full year of opportunity to enjoy historic sports and racing cars in good company and a safe, respectful environment. We are greatly appreciative of the support of this wonderful community, and look forward to sharing another brilliant year with you!

2015 Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of New South Wales Competition Calendar

21st & 22nd of February, 2015, HSRCA Historic Summer at Wakefield Park

6th & 7th of June, 2015, Sydney Retro Speedfest at Sydney Motorsport Park

19th & 20th of September, 2015, HSRCA Historic Spring at Wakefield Park

28th & 29th of November, 2015, HSRCA Historics at Sydney Motorsport Park

Historic Racing 2015

2014 Tasman Trophy Wrap-Up and Gallery

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Images: Seth Reinhardt

Welcome home, and thanks for a happy weekend of historic motorsport!

The 2014 Tasman Trophy was held over the last weekend of November and produced a stunning weekend of historic racing for the wonderful group of volunteers, drivers and spectators who support us. Take a few minutes to put your feet up and reminisce with our wrap-up and the first of our photo galleries.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

It’s always exciting pulling in to Sydney Motorsport Park at the start of a race weekend. The track has a brilliant motorsport buzz surrounding it, and it’s a joy to race on a track with such history, and one which presents such great opportunity for challenging and exciting racing.

This weekend was, of course, no exception. We were greeted with the song of motorsport in the summer air and a full weekend’s opportunity ahead of us.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Building upon the huge success of our Tasman Revival historic race meetings, the Tasman Trophy is a national historic race meeting featuring cars of the golden era of motor racing and providing feature events for cars from the original Tasman Series as well as Formula 5000s.

The event was very well supported and we were able to fill Sydney Motorsport Park to the brim with a collection of historic sports and racing cars that spanned every historic racing category. The variety and depth of interesting, storied and exciting historic machinery was brilliant!

We were especially pleased to welcome friends old and new from overseas, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. We greatly appreciate your support, dedication and commitment for making the trip and getting involved!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Speaking of commitment, the quality of driving on display was, as always, magnificent. Racing was clean, respectful and exciting and we thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the action around the track.

Thank you to all of our drivers for putting on a fun weekend’s historic motorsport! Your support means a great deal to us, and we continue to work hard to improve the opportunities we’re able to offer you to enjoy historic motorsport, historic motor cars and good clean racing!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

When the heat of the action got too intense, the pits and paddock at Sydney Motorsport Park made a welcome and fun refuge. Historic motorsport offers unparalleled access to competitors and their historic machinery and it’s always wonderful to explore the grounds, catch up with friends, make new ones and tinker with historic racing and sports cars.

The atmosphere in the pits and paddock was relaxed and social, with a healthy buzz as competitors and crews worked to keep their cars in stunning shape. We may go on like we do all of this for the cars, but really it’s to spend quality time with mates. So thank you for making this happen, and for making a lap of the pits and paddock so much fun!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

When it comes to making things fun, we have our wonderful, talented and dedicated volunteers to thank. A baffling amount of work goes on behind the scenes and without volunteers who devote their free time and talent to making everything happen, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this.

We, and everyone involved, would like to send out our most heartfelt and everlasting thanks to each and every one of you. Once again you have gone above and beyond, braved the elements and invested your incredible skills and talents into bringing happiness to others. You make all of this possible and we cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU!

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

With that, it’s time to tuck in to some photos! The first of our galleries are online and you can enjoy them over on the ‘Gallery‘ page or from the handy links to follow:

2014 Tasman Trophy: Riccardo Benvenuti

2014 Tasman Trophy: Brent Murray

2014 Tasman Trophy: Seth Reinhardt

2014 Tasman Trophy: Peter Schell

2014 Tasman Trophy: Richard Taylor

Many thanks to Brent, Peter Riccardo, Richard and Seth for the photos.

You can find more from Brent at his website here, visit Riccardo here, explore more from Richard by clicking this link and find more from Seth or Peter with a quick email here.

Next up: family, friends and holiday spirit! We then kick off 2015 with the Ron Tauranac AO 90th Birthday Celebration Lunch on Tuesday the 13th of January, before getting stuck back in to historic motorsport at Wakefield Park over the 21st and 22nd of February.

Tasman Trophy Historic Racing

Ron Tauranac


Ron Tauranac enjoying the pits & paddock, photos by Peter Eppel

Tasman Trophy Friday Practice Schedule

Tasman Trophy Friday Practice

Practice for the 2014 Tasman Trophy kicks off this Friday the 28th of November, and the schedule of events for practice is now available to download from the website.

Simply hit this link or right-click and ‘Save-As’ to download a copy:

2014 Tasman Trophy Friday Practice [PDF]

Get Fired up for the 2014 Tasman Trophy with this TVC

Tasman Trophy 2014

We’re just about a week away from the start of the 2014 Tasman Trophy, and that’s pretty exciting!

To keep you going until then, we have this action-packed little trailer for the weekend. Hit play, and enjoy!

2014 Tasman Trophy Programme, Entrants List and Garages

2014 Tasman Trophy

The 2014 Tasman Trophy is set to roar off the line on Saturday the 29th of November, and you can now get up to speed on what’s happening when, and who’s going to be doing it!

The provisional entry list, programme of events and garage allocations are now available to download from the website.

Hit the following links, or head to our ‘Events & Entry Forms‘ page to grab them:

2014 Tasman Trophy Programme of Events [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Provisional Entry List [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Garage & Carport Plan [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Marquees 1, 2 and 4 [PDF]

2014 Tasman Trophy Marquees 3 and 5 [PDF]