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Continued Historic Racing Action from Spring Historics

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Catch up with even more of the historic racing action from our recent Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics in two new photo galleries.

These two sets come thanks to Graham Olde and Bob Ross, and capture the action out on the track along with the colour in the pits and paddock. Thanks to both men for the brilliant shots!

Rush to the links below, and check ‘em out:

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Graham Olde

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Bob Ross

If you have photos or video which you would like to share on the club website, please don’t hesitate to drop Seth an email on

Photographs by, and thanks to, Graham Olde and Bob Ross


Join Us for the Ron Tauranac AO 90th Birthday Lunch

Ron Tauranac Parramatta Park

Ron racing at Parramatta Park, 28th January, 1952

Kick off 2015 in style at the upcoming Ron Tauranac AO 90th Birthday Celebration Lunch, which will be held on the 13th of January, 2015.

Join us at Parramatta Park Event Centre from 12:30 PM on Tuesday the 13th of January, 2015, for a buffet-style lunch in celebration of Ron Tauranac’s 90th birthday.

Cost for the event is $70 per person, and drinks will be available from a cash bar. Please RSVP to Peter Eppel through

Payment must be made to the following details:

BSB: 062 205
Account number: 10007952
Description: RT90 followed by your name and initial.

We look forward to catching up with everyone there!

The HRCC’s Historic Torque: September & October 2014

Noosa The Hill

Historic Torque is the official journal of the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland, and is now available for download for September and October of 2014.

This edition looks forward to the upcoming Noosa/THE HILL event, looks towards 2015 and catches up on all of the historic racing action from September and October in Queensland. Download both October and September’s newsletters from the links below:

HRCC Historic Torque October 2014 [PDF]

HRCC Historic Torque September 2014 [PDF]

And catch up on previous editions with these links:

HRCC Historic Torque July 2014 [PDF]

HRCC Historic Torque June 2014 [PDF]

HRCC Historic Torque April 2014 [PDF]

HRCC Historic Torque May 2014 [PDF]

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting Wrap Up and Gallery

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Welcome home, and thanks for a stunning weekend of racing at Wakefield Park for our 20th Anniversary Spring Historics!

We’re back after a full weekend of historic racing celebrating the 20th anniversary of our first meeting at the magnificent Wakefield Park. And that means it’s time to take a look back at all of the action!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Goulburn sure pulled out all the stops this weekend. The surrounding hills were green and rolling, yellow canola fields sat snugly at their feet and pristine blue skies soared above, occasionally spotting themselves with puffy white clouds to add a little whimsy to the backdrop. Add to that the finest weather we can imagine this occasionally-cantankerous part of the world mustering, and we had all the makings for a perfect weekend.

Oh, and we can’t forget the few hundred beautifully-prepared historic sports and racing cars, and the fine group of men and women who love them to share it all with!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Groups J, K and L were majestic as the feature category for the event, and were kept busy all weekend contesting events for both race and regularity groups, along with plenty of fun and games in the pits and paddock.

It’s always a joy to see these cars out at speed and in force and their area in the paddock is a very friendly, relaxed and fun place to enjoy a few moments.

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

Freedom to explore the pits and paddock, chat with fellow historic motorsport aficionados and enjoy the cars and buzz is one of the great aspects of historic motorsport. Our events are friendly and relaxed, because they’re mostly about good friends getting together to catch up and enjoy life around a shared common interest.

This weekend was no exception and we implore anyone who comes along to one of our events to take advantage of that freedom, enjoy the cars and make a few new friends!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Similarly-majestic were the owners, drivers and crews from the full entry of 5th category historic cars who joined us for the weekend’s historic motorsport. We enjoyed full fields of beautifully-prepared historic racing and sports cars from each group and it’s a joy to have such great support from the community.

The racing throughout the weekend was exciting, well-driven and great to watch. We give a great deal of credit for the smooth running of the weekend to the respectful and clean racing demonstrated by everyone involved. Well done, and thank you!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

When it comes to the smooth running of our events, however, it is our gracious and selfless volunteers who deserve the most thanks. As always we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports the Club and our community through their tireless efforts and expertise – you provide us with these unforgettable opportunities to enjoy our cars and our friends. THANK YOU!

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

The first of our galleries are online now, with more to join in soon. Prepare yourself your favourite beverage and spend a few moments catching up on all the action by clicking through the following links:

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Seth Reinhardt

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Spring Historics Meeting: Richard Taylor

For more shots from Richard, please head to his website here. And if you’re looking for something from Seth drop him an email here.

We love to promote the work of our many talented mates, so if you have photos, video, or stories from the weekend and would like to share them on the club website, send an email to, or drop by the club Facebook page and say hi.

Up next we’re heading to Sydney Motorsport Park for the Tasman Trophy race meeting over the 29th and 30th of November, 2014. Hit this link for more information.

Images thanks to Seth Reinhardt and Richard Taylor.

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

Simpson Unveil ‘Hybrid Sport’ Frontal Head Restraint at Wakefield Park

Hybrid Sport Frontal Head Restraint

Simpson Safety Equipment Australia will be unveiling the all new FIA Simpson Hybrid Sport Frontal Head Restraint at Wakefield Park this weekend.

Australia will be the first country outside of the US to be offering competitors the re-engineered, re-designed FIA homologated Hybrid Sport Frontal Head Restraint device.

The ‘Sport’ sits in between Simpson’s full Carbon Hybrid Pro and the economical carbon composite Rage version in terms of taking performance features from both, to deliver a FHR device that not only performs extremely well but also offers improved ergonomics for superior comfort in a sleek, new, lightweight design, whilst remaining the same price as the popular, budget conscious Rage at $789.00.

The Simpson Hybrid range of FIA Head and Neck Restraints are the only devices on the market that protects during front, offset and side impacts.

The new designs allow for easy entry / exit of the race car, the Hybrid doesn’t transfer ‘load’ to the body, has the flexibility of one device for any seating position be it in a formula type race car to a more upright seating position and works in conjunction with existing seat/harness configurations.

Lady racers also have the availability of a custom fitting service to make sure the device fits properly for comfort and performance.

Quickly gaining a reputation for maximum comfort, manoeuvrability and superior overall performance the Hybrid Pro has been sweeping across European racing and rallying circles in 2014. Now it’s Australia’s racers who are in the enviable position to be the first in the world to pioneer the new Simpson FIA Hybrid Sport.

Contact Greg Yard, Simpson Safety Equipment Australia; p. 02 9545 6662, m. 0407 108 103 e., w., f. Simpson-aust  for more details or come visit us in the pits .

*Image shown with optional M6 tether attachments available at extra cost. Post Anchor hardware supplied as standard.

2014 Annual General Meeting

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

The 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday, November the 19th, at Denistone Sports Club. Download the relevant documentation by right clicking the links below and selecting ‘Save As’.

2014 AGM Notice to Members [PDF]
2014 AGM Nomination Form [DOC]
2014 AGM Proxy Form [DOC]


To be held at:

Denistone Sports Club
Chatham Road,

At 8:00pm, 19 November, 2014


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting
  4. President’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    • Submission of 2014 Accounts
    • Resolution for adoption of accounts
  6. Secretary’s report
  7. Positions Declared Vacant
  8. Proxies
  9. Election of Office Bearers
  10. General Business

For and on behalf of the committee,

Anthony McCarroll

Wakefield Park 20th Anniversary Meeting Entry List & Programme

Wakefield Park Spring Historics

In just over a week we’ll be unpacking cars and pit crews and preparing for a stunning weekend’s historic racing at our 20th Anniversary Wakefield Park Spring Historics.

Which means it’s high time we share the provisional entry list and programme of events with you! Download them from the links below by right-clicking and selecting ‘Save-As’ or by giving them a good old-fashioned click and letting them load in your browser.

Wakefield Park September 2014 Provisional Entry List [PDF]
Wakefield Park September 2014 Programme of Events [PDF]
Wakefield Park September 2014 Further Regs [PDF]
Wakefield Park September 2014 Blank Scrutineering Form [DOC]

A Quick Note on Fuel

As usual, Avgas will be available from Goulburn Airport. The phone number and directions will be available at the tower throughout the course of the weekend – please support our suppliers by heading out together in groups.

Previously, at Wakefield Park..

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

It’s about time to start thinking about the road trip to Goulburn and Wakefield Park for our upcoming Spring Historics, so let’s take a moment to warm up by reminiscing about our previous trip there, which was back in February for our first event of the year.

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

But first – a note about what next weekend’s about! For our Spring Historics this year we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first race meeting at Wakefield Park. And since groups J, K and L have always had a special relationship with the track (and the fans), we’re putting on feature events for the groups – classic racing with classic cars.

Our J, K & L features have always been very successful and a lot of fun, and it’s brilliant to see the older cars out being driven in the spirit for which they were designed. Come along and enjoy the action!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Our previous visit to Wakefield Park was in February 2014, for our Summer Historics. There was no set theme or feature for the event, so we spent the weekend enjoying our cars and each other’s company, and getting back into the swing of things after the holiday break, packing it with good old-fashioned historic racing.

It was a smooth and relaxed event, with Goulburn doing its level best to provide a magnificent backdrop for a Historic Summer. Catch up on all the action in our wrap up, and the photo galleries below, and we’ll see you back at Wakefield Park very soon!

2014 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Richard Taylor

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Peter Schell

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Seth Reinhardt

HSRCA All Historic Summer Wakefield Park 2014: Michelle McCue

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Sydney Retro Speedfest to Air on Speedweek this Sunday

Sydney Retro Speedfest

While we were busy playing historic sports and racing cars at 2014’s inaugural Sydney Retro Speedfest, the crew at Speedweek were hard at work documenting the event. The fruits of their labour are now complete and ready for your enjoyment.

The programme will air this Sunday, the 14th of September, at 2PM on SBS (check your local guides) and will feature a segment on Sydney Retro Speedfest. So make sure to tune in to SBS then!

Photo Gallery: Muscle Car Masters 2014 by Brent Murray

Muscle Car Masters 2014

Each year on the Fathers’ Day weekend, Muscle Car Masters brings together the greats of big-muscle motorsport to turn Sydney Motorsport Park into a touring car racing mecca.

This year was no exception, and you can catch up on some of the action on the track thanks to a magnificent motor racing gallery from Brent Murray. Hit this link and head to our ‘Gallery’ page to check it out, and make sure to head to Brent’s Facebook page here for more and to organise prints.

Photos by, and thanks to, Brent Murray of At Speed Images.

Muscle Car Masters 2014